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How To Behave When No One's Watching

How many eyes are there? Two eyes. Other's say there are three eyes, the third eye is the extra sensory perception. Still other's say, there are four, those people with glasses got four (laugh).

But you are alone now. Eyes don't see you now.

How would you act?

We all act in many ways: dressed or naked, full or hungry, strong or weak, angry or forgiving, among others.

The children are those who are so naive and so true. They can be ashamed most of the time, but would ask and push through. The adults are free, but mysterious when alone. Who knows, what one does and how one pees and foams the bubbles, or how one toils on his work unselfishly. There are many stories to tell. Most of the time, the husband and the wife know and share a lot of common things.

As for me I try my best to behave (though I'm imperfect), and feel the presence of God around. I am aware that He is watching all, for we are all His children. When the lights are off, and we're in the draft state (u…

Common Problems Are Usually Not Solved

There are times accidents happen due to lack of safety guidelines and undisciplined behavior.

Around are people rushing here and there, cars wanting to rule highways, and the public not following laws of safety and order.

Keep discipline and safety rules as priorities. Authorities and management have to become part of their citizens/ workers behaviors. Conforming to general rules like, safety and discipline will mean order in schools, workplaces, homes, communities and nations.

Recently, construction workers fell from a gondola car going up the 28th floor of a construction site. It was found out that the gondola was overloaded. Most passenger ferries meet tragedies due to overloading. Motorcycles commit accidents throwing passengers because of overloading. Bridges fall because of overloading. Seating capacities in public vehicles is doubled by some greedy drivers. Moreover, pedestrians cross highways, and are lazy to find bus stops and/or loading and unloading zones. Bike/motorcycle …

Maxims: F. Duc De La Rochefaucauld

La Rochefaucauld, with his Maxims takes his place among the great moralists of all times. I read him when I was in high school (Grolier Classics). His works write about etiquette, character, love and faith, among others. Most of his sayings contain wisdom and inspiring reflections.

Check the following:

1. We need greater virtues to sustain good than evil fortune.

It is not a matter of good luck, alone, because good fortune comes with virtues of diligence, perseverance, and generosity, among others. Observe how communities work for progress.

2. Interest blinds some and makes some see.

The glitter of gold traps some people into wrong actions. But somehow, there are still those who use it for an attainment of a goal, like using money and profits wisely.

3. Neither love nor fire can subsist without perpetual motion; both cease to live as soon as they cease to hope, or to fear.

To keep love sweetly, hope into hope, though fear and longing. Flames must keep moving or burning hot, or the fi…

On Theme: Death In The Woods

In fiction, there is always a central idea. Whether it be a poem, a short story, or drama; these are centered on a theme. In most cases, the theme is the generalization about the meaning of the story.

Leo Tolstoy once told a friend:

The most important thing in a work of art is that it should have a kind of focus, like where all the rays meet or from which they issue. And this focus must not be able to be completely explained in works. This indeed is one of the significant facts, about a true work of art - that it's content in its entirety can be expressed only by itself.

Readers interpret texts as they see life. The author writes a human experience in different ways to express an idea that branches into a lot more of profound thoughts.

Death in the Woods by Sherwood Anderson shares a theme about a woman who lives in the woods. And there in the woods, she dies, too.

An ordinary woman in the beginning becomes extraordinary in the end. In fact, the story connotes that she can be mor…

We Read To Learn

One morning I woke up looking for the small pocket book I was reading the other night. Yes, I've been sleeping with books all my life. It's not necessary that I understand them all, but they do secure me, my thoughts and my emotions.

For some students or those who would take examinations, they get into that joke of getting a high score if they sleep with their books. They say it's like having memorized pages in the book. However, this comes to be a myth because they have to honestly know the idea and/or texts by heart, if there is an exam.

Back then, I was into collecting thoughts and tips, in miniatures and bulks of sheets. In fact, even today, my bag carries all sorts of papers, sheets, calling cards with reminders, table napkins, and ripped texts. I know I couldn't get rich with this habit. And sometimes, it's embarrassing when tucked into my pencil case-wallet, sheets fly with bills when lifted. Maybe, here I come disorganized.

But I can't stop reading! Re…

The Benefits of Chastity Before Marriage

If you are to be married, one priceless gift you could give to your beloved is yourself - untainted.

Although in these modern times, virginity before marriage has declined and non-virgins are accepted by the society, still, men would get that ego-boost marrying a virgin. Even St. Joseph was confused if he would accept his fate in rival with God's will. However, because of his humility, he got into his fate and went into that marriage planned by heaven.

Meanwhile, the focus of this article is chastity, as a "virtue." Imagine, exploring someone that will be forever yours, till death, in marriage. And being with someone who will explore your body, too - with all its beauty and un-beauty in moments you need to uncover yourself with sophistication, to thrive in naivety. Your self, indeed, is a gift to your beloved, where in marriage your bodies would become one and grow into love together, and bear children.

A woman gets that heavenly confidence and trust, while saying to he…