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Feb 24, 2011/

Dear Friends,

This week  has been trying my patience.


The computer, I'm borrowing from my daughter has stopped for 2 days.

I brought it to the computer shop (Comp Link), and thanks  it's now working.


My old computer, just this morning stopped...

My daughter said, it has to be reformatted.

And perhaps - I have lost some files and it might take more than a week to repair it. (Busy people)


I don't know what to write

But I like to write everything.


I need a miracle  dear GOD!


I know these are petty things

as compared to what happened to New Zealand,

I have to pray as the others do.


I don't know what's coming next.

The earth  is full of surprises.

Send Your Holy Spirit Father GOD,

And send in more holy apostles to do good work and pray

That in all things -

We remain steadfast in love, faith, and hope

And prayer.

Screamin' tonight, but still expectin' something special

For everyone - and for my computers....

Thank you d…

John Henry Newman: What is University?

"It is a place where inquiry is pushed forward, and discoveries verified and perfected, and rashness rendered innocuous, and error exposed, by the collision of mind with mind, and knowledge with knowledge."

He says that it is a seed of different generations, where people come together in unity to learn and work for contributions and developments.

From all walks of life, education and/or the university could be the only thing equal for the rich and poor. It is a main ground for all the productions of nature and art together. It foresees the future of the best workmen, among others.

Newman in this essay shows vivid classifications of what university is all about. One example is the professor who becomes a missionary and preacher, displaying his science in most complete and winning form, pouring with zeal and lighting up his love in the breasts of his hearers.

A teacher's love for his/her craft would manifest a pattern for the students to see what work/vocation is in store…

Frost: Woodland Scene

"The Road Not Taken," is another favorite poem about woodlands and paths by the master poet Robert Frost (published 1916).

Frost known best for his effortless grand poem "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening," manifests in this poem another teaching insight about life.

In the first lines of the first paragraph:

"Two roads diverge in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both..." shows roads that branch out or move apart in a beautiful wood. The traveler is watching how far it can go to where it bends in the undergrowth

The color "yellow" is a bright color, perhaps showing the sun rays, but fading in the winding path of travel, as far as the eyes can see from a distance.

The traveler takes one road, just as fair as the other.
Perhaps as he finds it comfortable and likeable, as perhaps the better claim.

The leaves, as trampled by steps has dried and has been trodden black connote damage/bleakness and/ or firmness.

"Yet knowing how w…

Huxley: Life and Chess Game

"I'll be home for Christmas," is a line from a famous song. And usually, those away from their families during the season have that pang of sadness.

"Little Christmas tree, no one to buy you; give yourself to me, you're worth a weight of precious gold, you see..." is another sad line from a song. What could the heart feel this breezy and snowy December?

The "Holy Family" (St. Joseph, Mother Mary, Baby Jesus) is God's manifestation of his great love for us, in this symbol of a poor, but decent family in a manger. They are one of us: everyone. Everyone (family members helping each other) has work to do and that dignity to live a peaceful life, and sharing to neighbors. Joseph is a carpenter, Mary a housekeeper, and Jesus taking part in chores and learning.

Therefore, losing a loved one during Christmas is like nailing hands on the cross, and being bereft. Losing a family member or a dear friend is a bleeding wrist.

You remember that last Christ…

Words: Let Us Practice Poetry

Words are fun to study! Those, which they signify are pictures of all sorts and a hurricane of imaginations, as Archibald Macleish's maple leaf and globed fruit represent.

In the following poem lines below, we'd practice word descriptions in a free style like replying or giving comments to poems.

1.William Carlos Williams (The Descent)

"For what we can-not accomplish,
What is denied to love
What we have lost in the anticipation -
A descent follows, endless and indestructible."

My Reply:

To: Sir William C. Williams

Descent is the moon that wanes beneath darkness
Clouds, gray nights of cold
Like a love unrequited
Like tales untold

Like throes hiding under shadows
Like dreams unrealized burrow
Etched is truth, there lies abyss
Lonely lilacs surrender peace.

2. Richard Eberhart (Grave Piece)

"And from this I saw grow
Although my sense shook with fear
A crystal Tear
Whose center is spiritual love."

Mr. Eberhart explains:

"From all the experience contemplat…

You Tube. Mickey Mouse. Thanks for sharing.


February 14, 2011

The day is soon to close

And the lights will be off

I have enjoyed the texts of Huxley, Newman, and Frost

Reading  and taking the depth of  their words

Satisfied my tongue with mint and my eyes with mosaic colors

Time passeth away quickly, while reading and writing

It was a good hearts day, being with books and coming out with three articles

plus other chores, and munching

That regular day of work, I hope gives me a chance to make things better

Maybe, it could delight the readers and make them happy, too (I hope)

Those are the small things I could do

That would give meaning to the road I've taken

to the chess game I'm playing

and to the beauty of  learning

As to Cardinal Newman's thoughts, let us understand heart to heart.

Good night, and thank God for today.

We would see each other again.  Mwahs!





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How To Behave When No One's Watching

How many eyes are there? Two eyes. Other's say there are three eyes, the third eye is the extra sensory perception. Still other's say, there are four, those people with glasses got four (laugh).

But you are alone now. Eyes don't see you now.

How would you act?

We all act in many ways: dressed or naked, full or hungry, strong or weak, angry or forgiving, among others.

The children are those who are so naive and so true. They can be ashamed most of the time, but would ask and push through. The adults are free, but mysterious when alone. Who knows, what one does and how one pees and foams the bubbles, or how one toils on his work unselfishly. There are many stories to tell. Most of the time, the husband and the wife know and share a lot of common things.

As for me I try my best to behave (though I'm imperfect), and feel the presence of God around. I am aware that He is watching all, for we are all His children. When the lights are off, and we're in the draft state (u…

Common Problems Are Usually Not Solved

There are times accidents happen due to lack of safety guidelines and undisciplined behavior.

Around are people rushing here and there, cars wanting to rule highways, and the public not following laws of safety and order.

Keep discipline and safety rules as priorities. Authorities and management have to become part of their citizens/ workers behaviors. Conforming to general rules like, safety and discipline will mean order in schools, workplaces, homes, communities and nations.

Recently, construction workers fell from a gondola car going up the 28th floor of a construction site. It was found out that the gondola was overloaded. Most passenger ferries meet tragedies due to overloading. Motorcycles commit accidents throwing passengers because of overloading. Bridges fall because of overloading. Seating capacities in public vehicles is doubled by some greedy drivers. Moreover, pedestrians cross highways, and are lazy to find bus stops and/or loading and unloading zones. Bike/motorcycle …

Maxims: F. Duc De La Rochefaucauld

La Rochefaucauld, with his Maxims takes his place among the great moralists of all times. I read him when I was in high school (Grolier Classics). His works write about etiquette, character, love and faith, among others. Most of his sayings contain wisdom and inspiring reflections.

Check the following:

1. We need greater virtues to sustain good than evil fortune.

It is not a matter of good luck, alone, because good fortune comes with virtues of diligence, perseverance, and generosity, among others. Observe how communities work for progress.

2. Interest blinds some and makes some see.

The glitter of gold traps some people into wrong actions. But somehow, there are still those who use it for an attainment of a goal, like using money and profits wisely.

3. Neither love nor fire can subsist without perpetual motion; both cease to live as soon as they cease to hope, or to fear.

To keep love sweetly, hope into hope, though fear and longing. Flames must keep moving or burning hot, or the fi…

On Theme: Death In The Woods

In fiction, there is always a central idea. Whether it be a poem, a short story, or drama; these are centered on a theme. In most cases, the theme is the generalization about the meaning of the story.

Leo Tolstoy once told a friend:

The most important thing in a work of art is that it should have a kind of focus, like where all the rays meet or from which they issue. And this focus must not be able to be completely explained in works. This indeed is one of the significant facts, about a true work of art - that it's content in its entirety can be expressed only by itself.

Readers interpret texts as they see life. The author writes a human experience in different ways to express an idea that branches into a lot more of profound thoughts.

Death in the Woods by Sherwood Anderson shares a theme about a woman who lives in the woods. And there in the woods, she dies, too.

An ordinary woman in the beginning becomes extraordinary in the end. In fact, the story connotes that she can be mor…

We Read To Learn

One morning I woke up looking for the small pocket book I was reading the other night. Yes, I've been sleeping with books all my life. It's not necessary that I understand them all, but they do secure me, my thoughts and my emotions.

For some students or those who would take examinations, they get into that joke of getting a high score if they sleep with their books. They say it's like having memorized pages in the book. However, this comes to be a myth because they have to honestly know the idea and/or texts by heart, if there is an exam.

Back then, I was into collecting thoughts and tips, in miniatures and bulks of sheets. In fact, even today, my bag carries all sorts of papers, sheets, calling cards with reminders, table napkins, and ripped texts. I know I couldn't get rich with this habit. And sometimes, it's embarrassing when tucked into my pencil case-wallet, sheets fly with bills when lifted. Maybe, here I come disorganized.

But I can't stop reading! Re…

The Benefits of Chastity Before Marriage

If you are to be married, one priceless gift you could give to your beloved is yourself - untainted.

Although in these modern times, virginity before marriage has declined and non-virgins are accepted by the society, still, men would get that ego-boost marrying a virgin. Even St. Joseph was confused if he would accept his fate in rival with God's will. However, because of his humility, he got into his fate and went into that marriage planned by heaven.

Meanwhile, the focus of this article is chastity, as a "virtue." Imagine, exploring someone that will be forever yours, till death, in marriage. And being with someone who will explore your body, too - with all its beauty and un-beauty in moments you need to uncover yourself with sophistication, to thrive in naivety. Your self, indeed, is a gift to your beloved, where in marriage your bodies would become one and grow into love together, and bear children.

A woman gets that heavenly confidence and trust, while saying to he…

Why We Still Write And Read Poetry In The Information Age

The "whys" of life are many and some unanswerable. Entertainment in films and other forms of arts make life vivid and more thrilling for all to see. We, as humans express ourselves in different ways like poetry. And like the many forms of being creative, poetry endures time, and speaks of life yesterday, today and tomorrow.

When I was younger, I could find happiness in scribbling words. I was not really aware how grammar rules were complied with because I was not a native speaker of English. Yet, my earlier poems were in the second language. I loved my native tongue and my second language, as well.

I remember reading cartoon dialogues in both Filipino and English. I held newspapers and magazines, to read only that section and the headlines. I pretended to understand all the other texts, as the adults in the house (my aunts and uncles who were all college students) read. I imitated them, and made myself happy reading what I could not understand at all. I was a "trying h…

Book Review and Quoting Sources

Reviews, analysis and research work are forms of nonfiction.

In writing a book review, interpreting texts, or making a research work or report and detailed reading is required. Lack of knowledge of the texts will not make a commendable interpretation and analysis. Facts are culled from the texts to support the objective write-up and enhance the subjective interpretation.

1. A book review usually includes three parts

1. The book description. It is the content of the book. This is the summary.
2. Communicate something of its quality, in relation to literary texts.
3. Give merits and make judgments (positive and negative comments).

2. In Quoting Sources

Direct quotation provides evidence and can add both life and authenticity to your paper. Direct quotations should be reserved for cases in which you cannot express the ideas better yourself. Use them when the original words are precise, clear, powerful or vivid.

To paraphrase, you restate the source ideas in your own words. The point of …

Writing Exercises All Year Round

Skills can be improved if there's practice!

Once, in a writing class we were told to write about what we felt our past lives could be. We tried to face that mystery of imagining what we want now, and what if, we had that life before, those events that haunt and/or make us happy bring good writing materials.

One classmate thought, he was a Frenchwoman, another thought he could be a warrior, and still another thought she was as is in the present. This exercise dates back in the past and describes the character one wants to be. It is truly a creation that thinks, acts, and speaks that person in the past. For example: the Frenchwoman and warrior in the past have their own stories to tell.

Next, we were asked "What are the things you can't remove out your closet? What are those you can't throw?"

It is like keeping old socks with holes, soggy stuffed toys, scratched photographs, old bags or any old things that make up a junk museum. We would explain why we can't l…

Interpreting Texts

Interpreting texts can be done in several ways. Explaining what it means, citing examples or relating to it, are taught in the classrooms. Interpreting texts is expressing ideas and writing about it, as in the film review, concert review, advertisement/product review or book review, among others.

Critics, writers, teachers and students including the public do express their own interpretations: personal or analytical.

In college, the most common forms of interpretive essay assignment is to write analytical essays about reading assignments in Humanities and Social Science subjects.

I always tell my students to reread the texts, several times. Every time you read the story, book, or essay bring you new discovery and insight. Reading gives different interpretations, as long as you can defend your answer.

Take these hints from the noted writer and professor Toby Fulwiler:

1. In selecting a text to interpret ask yourself these questions.

Can this text be read in more than one way?
With wha…

On Marking Books

Some teachers and mothers say, "Don't mark your books. Marking them is a sign of disrespect for the book and the creator of those books." This is wrong. How can one appreciate those books if they wouldn't savor and taste the thoughts, and play with the words if there is no interaction between the writer and the reader? Marking the books is interaction between the reader and the writer. Books must be absorbed in the bloodstream to be of long and good use.

One writer says (Book of Essays) that "There are three kinds of book owners."

The first has all the standard sets and best-sellers unread, untouched (this delude individuals owns wood pulp and ink, not books).

The second has a great many books, a few of them read through, most of them dipped into but all of them as clean and shiny the day they were bought.

The third has a few books or many. Every one of them dog-eared and dilapidated, shaken and loosened by continual use, marked and scribbled in from front…

Shaolin.../Qi-Gong / thanks for sharing


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More Prayers to the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Prayer3
Prayer for all time
And/or Benediction
O Jesus who are about to give Your blessing to us all Who are here assembled We humbly bessech you that It may impart to each and all of us The special grace we need. But more than this we ask:let your blessing go far and wide.
Let it be selft in the shouls of the afflicted who cannot Come here to receive it at Your feet Let the weak and templted feel its power Whereeer they maybe Let the poor sinner feet its influlce, Arousing him to come to You.
Let it cross the seas and animate and comfort The missionary far away From home and breahtern and toling for the Love of souls so dear to Your Sacred Heart We humbly beg Your blessing For (mention the name of the person for who you ask the blessing), And may it affect that salutary purpose for which O Lord,
You do so lovingly impart it.
Preist and People:Amen
Priest and People:
Jesus, my God, my King Now I must leave you But I carry away from me The memory of your Wounded love It will not be long until I …

The Ikebana


On You Tube: Library of Congress / Thanks for sharing


Ezine (A Combination of Issues)

Ezine Articles 2 (stolen and ripped content)

Ezine Articles 3

Ezine 4 (keyword abuse)

Ezine 5 (Spelling and Grammar)

Ezine 6

Ezine Articles 7

Ezine 8

Ezine 9


How To Make Writing Seem Easy

If you can appreciate things and most of God's creation, writing will be easy for you. If you can face challenges easily and reflect that steadfastness comes with every defeat, writing will be easy for you. If you can dream and love and hope, words will flow freely from your heart; you can write.

Writing is hard. Yes, difficult, especially, if you would harrow the words from your heart and press on and off the photographs in your mind. When you do this - you will go back to the past and use them as materials for writing. You must creatively observe the present. You must believe in the wonder of tomorrow.

No writer ever lived without knowing how to toil every single day. Tradition is a matter of much wider significance. It cannot be inherited, and if you want it you must obtain it by great labor (The Sacred Wood, T.S. Eliot).

Charles Lamb says that we should rise with the lark, and that we should lie down with the lamb (Essays of Elia).

On the other hand, writing is made easy thro…

What the Reader's Want

Topics vary and come to all sorts of readers. Writers and journalists cannot please everyone, yet should readers find truth in their work, they build credibility.

How would I cater to different readers?

By changing your daily paper and buying a fresh magazine every week you will obtain an insight into the wide range of markets. While you read attentively, you will learn that the reader wants to be entertained.

The surest way to please the editor and their reading public is to show human touch in your work. Let your manner be easy. The secret of successful appeal lies in being natural.

Although you must aim at sincerity and avoid exaggeration, you may drop occasional bombshells, you have to startle the reader a little. You must make him feel that he is faced with something vital.

You will be a rare writer, indeed, if you do not sometimes detect in yourself a half-suppressed longing to write essays instead of articles. The leisurely essays are satisfying to write, and practice writing …