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George Michael's "Careless Whisper" would turn to be a hit

again. After the indecent dance (Kho and Halili) which turns

out to be a video scandal, Filipinos surge to contest about


Groups that support women, even senators, religious

communities, and show business, among others, call for women's


Moreover, have you heard about Baldwin's insulting comment

about his desire of a Filipina mail-to-order bride?

We have many stories; sad, sad stories on the net and news

about Filipinas, and I am one Filipino. The reality is we're

full of complaints and we haven't gone deeper to why we love

and work. Of course, there is no perfection and we all fall

into sin - but haven't we thought the majority of us crave for

fame and money. GMRC, dignity, respect for each other,

preservation of families are long forgotten. In the first

place, why would you have sex before marriage and/or a close

serious engagement? One way we could change our image as