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October 2011



This November: Of Saints and Souls

Death is one sure thing that will happen in our life.It is the sunset that swiftly disappears in the sky, slowly hiding itself from the earth to peacefully follow the light.The thing is, there is no way to convince us of its blissful state because of uncertainty.For most of us death is dreadful.
For those who died ahead, may they rest in peace – and let their souls be remembered in their prayers.For the saints, may their example be our guiding light here on earth.
Consider yourself already dead.What do you think would you have done in your lifetime?You’d probably do well to heed St. Bernard’s advice:“Consider the sins of manhood and weep over them; consider the sins of your present life, tremble and make haste to amend your life.”After all, everybody wants to go to heaven and while on this journey, each soul hopes not to be lost, but to see GOD.
Do souls really get lost?If they do, where do they go?A priest says a soul, when separated from the body, may go to heaven, p…

Narrate Your Own Life

Truth is the one way out.

A. However you want to please others, it will only last for a few minutes or only when you have money and are up there.

Life is never constant. It continues to turn. Time breeds life and death. The earth will surely grow old, and until whence, no one can tell.

One sure thing in life is living it with meaning. Every new day is an achievement. Every new breath is a triumph over trials. Every new day is unexpected fate and a bonus gift from the Creator. And whether one likes it or not, the flesh has its end.

However, faith in a Creator, gives people the hope that everything will turn out right because the human race is God's own. In whatever state of life one is built, entails a responsibility to one another. To be happy, life must be lived courageously, truthfully and with charity.

The Holy Spirit guides the heart.

Wisdom and lessons come to the humble. Some don't learn enough because they learn everything too soon.

How far have the peoples gone? What …

What's Up

BLACK EYED PEAS LIVE IN MANILA 2011, Fergie, ap, Taboo 25 October 2011, Tuesday at 8:00 PM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds



The Mayor's Inn. Thanks


Thank You Nomer Panlaqui and Ricky Aragon. rosevoc2


Beauty, Beauty!

Caviar Essence

Wrinkle Filler Serum
With hyaluronic acid, rosehip, taurine, calcium and vitamins

Skin Tenser effect

International Flavo-C Cream

Moisturizing anti-aging cream

Pantalla total hidrante
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9M, Crisostomo St., San Vicente
Malolos, Bulacan

Happy Monday, October 2011

A blessed day!

I missed blogging a lot for several days

The eyes are poor ---

And so, we have to take care of our eyes

Now, it is a sunny day and cool

I can smell December breeze

And something exciting ---

Indeed, everyday is a beautiful day

We have air, and sky, and earth, and water!

The world is beautiful!

And so are you! Smile.

I think, therefore, I am....happy!

Many blessings to all!


October 2011.rose.ishallwrite


May Steve Job rest with GOD forever,

Eternal rest grant unto Steve J. and all the dead

And let thy perpetual light shine upon them

May they rest in peace




Hi Everyone,

I'm selling pickled papayas, cumcumber, singkamas...etc...


Chocolates in boxes

Packed cooked meat:



Bicol Express etc.

This will be good for everyday meals and Christmas!

Yes, they're freshly cooked and I'm selling them at reasonable prices.  

Food will be ready 1 week after placing the order; or as stocks are available.  Thank you and a blessed day!

For orders and inquiry email  me, and we can meet.
October 2011