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Think Quotes at Random 1-10

Random Thoughts – 1-10

On Service, Rules, Procedures…et al.

1. Love comes in service and any form of work. Pay comes only as secondary factor.

2. There is no justice in slow procedures. Remember slow procedures are acts of thieving. It is stealing one’s time, and one’s capacity to work in an office or his own home.

3. Many capitalists and big businesses gain from unfair labor practices. They use poor people and do not even care if they could have decent homes and education for their families/children.

4. Most politicians are usually “spoils,” says Rene Azurin in his book “Power Without Virtue.” I agree that most of them are intoxicated by power. Only a few would be willing to die for the poor. As such, US, the working class and the poor must be cautious in their greedy habits. They, the powerful - have friends who scratch their backs, too.

5. Red tape can never help. It is a form of power play, a source of corruption, and a hindrance for better outcomes.

6. Those who aspire for pow…