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An Ode To Silence

Your silence is a harp to me When I travel into you, I feel so in love Lifted on clouds, the hum of peace Rotating the sun and moon  Like an angel
You are the music in my heart You are my temples Thrust your silence, say nothing When you said nothing, your eyes  A strong ripple, bathed in me, bliss
I am at the level of your madness So beautiful and free, bursting a kid’s laughter
I sleep in your eyes I dwell in your heart I am your miracle Our love is a miracle
I come naked in your sigh, a secret garden  A pillow for your head My breasts supple for your mouth I have taken off, everything Carry my bruised heart   And before we’d die our love  Would kiss enough
Your kisses, cherished by time  Diamonds and flowers, a rain In the shadows of my grief Hold me tight, be forever mine
Your kisses, the plight of my heart They teach me all the languages I can’t speak The questions I can’t answer Those things, I do not know They teach me everything How to write  How to weave  How to wind words  And prayers.
I trace your face, your li…