Saturday, November 26, 2016

On November 27, 2016. Write Again... Processing...

At this time, I can't sleep.  I have a lot of thoughts rushing in my head.  I couldn't stop thinking unless I write now.

I thank God for all the times of His providence.  I thank God for being with me in days I feel  empty and alone.  I thank Him when He comes and assures me of His presence, I should have more faith in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In these past few days, I have been reading some books about Indian ancestry; I could imagine how magnificent is their great Mystery and how calm they commune with nature.

My mind is into a lot of processing.  The programs run in a system.  I trash and delete.  I save some. I archive.    I am not competing with the androids, though I have attempts.  My heart tells me to slow down and act human, but most people now go online and seem to get busy with their gadgets.  Well, this is the 21st century...

/3.19 AM. rosevoc2