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ESL and Foreign Names

Teaching ESL to students enhances everyone's love for words. English extends to learning more words and weaves similarities and differences into effective communication.

When I teach ESL, I make sure the student and I get to be talking freely - even using the hands, and doing a sign language, like the "peace and love sign, thumbs up/thumbs down, and bowing the head as sign of greeting. We'd point and act out things, people, and events. Although the students can't speak English fluently, it does not mean they are illiterate. In fact, I have found out that they have bright ideas: whether they're in high school or university, young or old, professional or non-expert.

Usually, I refresh them with Basic English and let them build self-confidence using the language. I tell them "You have to speak out, so you could practice the language. Don't be shy to commit mistakes because there is no perfect grammar. The goal is to communicate effectively so we could unders…

I Shall Wash

What do we worry about these fomites? Germs. Germs are around us. And while we eat for nourishment, so must we be taking care to keep ourselves away from sickness.

"The hand-washing with soap habit is the most cost-effective health antigen," asserts Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC).

Two biggest killers of children in developing world today are diarrheal diseases and urinary tract infections. These sicknesses can come from flies, fluids and surfaces, but more than anything they come from our fingers - our own hands. These hands touch everything. And everything in it carries the threatening germs.

Take a person with a cold: 40 to 90 percent of the adults with a cold have the virus on their hands, and every 60 seconds a working adult touches as many as 30 objects. Cold and enteric viruses can survive up to 72 hours on surfaces. "We can see that fomites can be a big contributor in transmitting germs," Dr. Gerba says.

From my int…

Tips: The Professional Freelance

The writing profession is not an "easy buck." But why do some people still like to be writers and pursue the instability of writing?

It is true that like teaching, it is almost a "thank you," compared to high corporate salary rates, yet its the excitement, freedom, self-fulfillment, and honor are way beyond what money can buy. That is my belief as a writer.

My dream was to be journalist. However, I did not take Journalism because my parents thought I'd rather study a business related course. And so, did I. And so I got married early because I never enjoyed my work.

Writing never left me. It haunted my days as a housekeeper. While taking care of my kids, I took up Journalism in a home-study program. There were no online classes before, so I had to write my essays legibly and piously. And thank God, I passed the international correspondence course. That became my second degree.

From thereon, I started to live a challenging domestic life while writing freelance.


An Interview with Sir Levi Celerio/ Photo by Joey Celerio

He has been awarded as a "National Artist for Literature and Music." But when you meet and talk with Levi Celerio, you easily come to see that for him, all of life is an art, and he has painted it well.

This Filipino was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Only Leaf Player in the World." Moreover, he appeared in the television programs, "That's Incredible and Believe it or Not."

I therefore felt fortunate for having been assigned by my editors (Nancy Reyes Lumen/ Mona Gonzalez) to interview this remarkable man. During the interview, which we held on a Friday night at Mario's Restaurant in Quezon City, Levi spoke of many things. Among them: pointers on diction, the proper use of certain words in grammar, his book which was in the process of being published, and Confucius. We personally believe that at 91 years of age, Levi is too young to quote the ancient master.

But Levi said, that Confucius says that one should choose a job on…

Success: Corporate and Non-Corporate

Success has been defined throughout time. Every worker has something valuable to say. Life is learning from each other.

Power, some say, is that individual quality that sets individuals above from his/her peers.

Let's see what some people say:

A wise man once said: Success is simple. Do the right thing, the right way at the right time. Another life observer was quoted saying, "Device for finding furniture in the dark," like bumping into furniture in the dark. It's hard to see the light, but eventually you will find your way.

A corporate worker says that she has learned to accept that sometimes the world is not a fair place. "Still, I can't help but think that we might find a way to value brains over asymmetrical facial features. Maybe, the imperfect fruit usually has the most flavor."

Successful women value themselves as professionals. "They have the ability and desire to be their own lead and are not afraid to ask for help and support in order to …