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Penile Technology

Man fulfills his true definition of man by the satisfaction he gives to a woman.

The Big Daddy of the male genitalia is the penis. Little boys describe it as a means by which urine leaves the body but as they grow into men, they take pride in the penis as copulatory organ.

Some say the penis size does not matter because the vagina is an accommodating hostess, but rare is the man who thinks his penis is big enough, and rare too is the woman who disagrees. That’s why we have urologists who perform operations to enhance the penis.

Penile technology can lengthen the penis for three-eight’s of an inch to two inches, depending on the patient. The suspensory muscles hold the penis close to the body with no blood vessels or nerves cut.

Say’s Waldermar Alarkon, A psychiatrist, “Penile Technology… is the modern techniques in penile management and economics, and is a blend of the physician’s expertise and skill, plus the patient and partner understanding the desire.”

Definitely, it appraises p…

Soup Wonders

I. Let me share, “The Stone Soup Story”

A long time ago, somewhere in Europe, a terrible famine spread throughout the land.

People were selfish with each other that each family kept their food hidden away so no one would find it. Each one fought over food.

One day, a poor traveller arrived and set up a tent by the side of the road. He had with him a large pot, a wooden spoon, and a stone.

The villagers said, “You can't stay here! There is no food for you.”

“That doesn't matter. I have enough food I need,” said the traveller.

In front of his tent, the traveler gathered his sticks and built a fire. He placed his pot on the fire and added some water. The villagers came one by one watching him. The traveller smiled with satisfaction. Then from his pocket, he took out a big stone and put it in the pot. He waited for the water to boil as he stirred patiently and gracefully.

The villagers had gathered around the pot. They were all curious. “What are you making?”