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Tell the World of His Love


Pope John Paul II celebrated the World Youth Day in Manila, Philippines last January 1995. The young people and the Pope together. This was a highlight in world history.

Of course, the youth today, will be tomorrows future.

The song "Tell the World of His Love," was the song that marked that special celebration. It was composed by Jeff Arcilla, my friend and a part of my Backroom family, days before as I worked PR Writer of the respected publicist and my kind boss Sir Boy Abunda.

Let me share the lyrics of this song:

Tell the World of His Love

For GOD so loved the world

He gave us His only Son,

Jesus Christ our Savior,

His most precious one.

He has sent us His message of love

And sends those who hear,

To bring the message to everyone

with a vocie loud and clear -


Let us tell the world of His love -

The greatest love the world has known,

Search the world for those who have

walked astray and lead them home.

Fill the world's darkest corners

Live Journal, On a Wednesday, November4

When I went to mass today, I missed the nuns. I did not see their flying beautiful habits. I did not see their meek smile. Maybe they have to do other stuff.

During Wednesday is my English Classes with the aspirants. This semester - they will skip their English classes at PIVM for other required subjects (St. Hannibal's Pastoral Institute of Vocation Ministry), so I would not be seeing them. I thank GOD for making me a part of their journey as they become part of my own.

What would GOD do to me now? I am thinking if I could enroll and study what they are studying... but no, I am not worthy to be a nun. I will just be a teacher and a writer and I would just pray for vocations and holy workers (the religious and all vocations/service - as a government or private worker, as a mother, as a student, as a street sweeper, as a leader, a al).

Listen to: Father Antons Songs... I got his old songs from an old cassette tape

St. Hannibal, pray for us
Send O Lord Holy…

November 3, Untitled


we wallow that our good actions come unnoticed

and errors do come so visible

We question why the notorious become popular and

the reputable just a whiff in the wind

We have to remember what our Father in heaven told us,

"When we do something good, we shouldn't shout in the synagogues and not be like the pharisees."

This is quite difficult to achieve, for us humans...

We need a lot of humility to do something good for someone

even if we become the last on the list

We need a lot of responsibility, even away from the crowd and the laurels

GOD sees what many people don't

GOD sees what many forget

GOD forgives errors

GOD hugs

and cherishes each one of us

all the time,

especially when we are stripped of everything

and we have faith

and we call Him

/rose flores - martinez 2009