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Learning With Saint Hannibal


One nursery student asked me, “ Teacher, who is St. Hannival?”

“St. Hannibal,” I told him, “is a saint for vocations.”

“Oh.” Nathan smiled as if he understood all that I said. “ Does he love Jesus so much?” he curiously asked me.

“Of course, St. Hannibal loves Jesus so much, that is why he became a saint.”

From then on, Nathan knew St. Hannibal, and he always bowed at the altar with his two brothers when they’re in the house kissing his relic.

And then, we went on with our lessons, reading AEIOU and talking about Spiderman.

Also, on one occasion, MM, my smart niece at the young age of 5, asked me while I introduced St. Hannibal to her… “What does St. Hannibal do?”

I was surprised of her question, her big eyes searching me intelligent answers.

“He prays and prays to Jesus and Mama Mary for young boys and girls like you.”

And then she smiled showing me the face of St Hannibal in the calendar.

I gave her a St. Hannibal bookmark and she kissed it reverently.

“Thanks to Saint…

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