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in this blog, is a solitude...

a sanctuary

and nothing follows

i would wait for the postscript

the calm in the pages

tells a lot of things

stories never told

blackness is the mystery

one cannot see

but the innocence of pure thoughts

i come to you in words


GODs Will

is it so easy to choose what we could be because we have freewill

yet sometimes the sky says another thing


we cannot choose

but only pray pray and pray


GODs mercy

if in this time... my heart is black

i wouldnt regret the blackness

white comes visible in black

i trade myself to know myself

in the time i could only seek

GODs mercy


rush of thoughts

today is march 27 2009

i ask forgiveness for pounding words

into the lamentations of this hour

i could think of nothing, but the rush thoughts

that urge explosion

i am sorry to my GOD

and i am sorry to those i hurt

now this moment i could do nothing but write



Let me share this poem of Pablo Neruda:
Änd that’s why I have to go back
To so many places
There to find myself
And constantly examine myself
With no witness but the moon
And then whistle with joy
Ambling over rocks and clouds of earth,
With no task but to live,
With no family but the road.”



i am trying to work on this my new blog. i cant create a new posting... let me see