The Water Problems of the Poor in the Philippines

July 29, 2010

THEY(Newly Elected Set of Gov’t Officials): Have To Solve Problems for the People

I have read commentaries from newspapers and online communities today. But I haven’t heard much from the news on TV.

How are the surveys going? I hope the media wouldn’t stop after the elections. We – and experts- and the people have to SAY something to awaken the Filipinos.

The SONA had its specifications of roles and visions, but then I read from the columnist Conrado de Quiros (Inquirer) that “… it was bitin…”

On the net; worst when translated into English – the translations were inexact.

Moreover, from Manila Times columnist Giovanni Tapang, that president and the government must solve necessities first, before we go to business matters.

Truly, the basic needs of the people and especially the poor must be met. At most, this month, we had water shortage around the country. They have to do something about this problem; it’s an urgent case.

If the working class couldn’t be provided with their primary needs, the next ladder of human needs will not be met. The poor will become poorer and the rich will become richer. Take the high interest rates that poor people can’t pay. It’s parallel to “buying more expensive water” than paying the regular water bill/budget. These are small problems but root out to branch bigger problems in the country now and in the next years.

I also read about the Nuclear Power Plant. It’s evident that we don’t need it at the moment, if we could not provide water to so many Filipinos, why would you spend millions on the Nuclear Plant which has no workable feasibility study at this time. Hey guys, don’t gobble up the marshmallows ---- we need EXPERTS. And we don’t have them yet.

Do you know the history of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant? The pioneer expert engineers and specialists are dead now. They worked with experts (foreign and native), and they themselves lived there to sustain its development. If so, you will be needing expert workers, scientists, and engineers here. Not politicians, not businessmen.

STOP with “building up sweet PRESS Releases.” The Philippines needs solutions to problems not those “cutie things.” Let’s face it, the Filipinos are poor and many of us need jobs. We need jobs and education --- but first, give us WATER!

Press release and advertising be careful with your packages! I’ll quote from Daily Tribune Newspaper: “No Fear, No Favor.”

Another thing: I’m not into politics, but let us pray for the politicians. They have to STUDY and learn experiences neatly and honestly. I worry because many of them came from show business and I don’t know if they can even brainstorm in the Senate or Congress. The size of their minds are questionable! Education can only be equaled by learned experiences. And if they don’t have this… we are likely to be doomed! We all, will become part of their PRACTICE Set. The rich, they will laugh when the government fails… because the government would compromise. Please settle honestly, not compromise. I hope they’re not complacent with some workshops and study abroad – here and there. Your brains should work, YOU, and you have to serve honestly not just for a few, but for all the Filipinos – for our nation, for everyone.

Philippines, let us work hard, help and remind each other. The Filipino people has to check and correct the government servants so we could work hand in hand.

And please: Don’t mess up with the lands we inherited from our ancestors, where you build airports, malls, and produce too much pollution --- we need to breathe fresh air.

Know that I am talking about real life here; you will not understand life if you hadn’t put any effort to be one with the poor and become one of them.

Rose Flores – Martinez
July 29, 2010
Submit date: July 30, 2010


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