June 27, 2014. My Journal Notebook. The Helicopter is Flying

Helicopter!  Helicopter!  Grandma!  Grandma!
Marco, Marco!   Come quickly,  let's go out and see!
It's so big!  Very, very big!
Yes, the helicopter is flying!
Marco is a boy of 2.7 years old.  His imagination is vast.  He loves the moon, the stars and gets amazed with all that is in the sky.  When I am with him I feel as though I have found a playmate and we are so happy watching all the things that God created.  He makes me feel young and vigorous when we play.  Yes, I'm a teacher.  Marco likes me to be one.  I am thankful to Jesus and Mama Mary for the children.
Mama Mary, we pray for all the children in the world.  We entrust them to your care.


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