What A Deepest Sympathy Letter Might Be

I couldn’t write this letter. I wouldn’t write this deepest sympathy letter. I’d rather not.
Why would you let the agonizing person know how sad things are? Why would you focus on his/her miseries instead of cheering up? A prayer would go well for this kind of situation. The person would be happy knowing you would join him/her in prayer. But be sure to do this prayer promise, or else, you will be judged for fooling people saying you’d pray for them.
No one wrote to us when my Dad died. My mother wouldn’t understand. Neither could I. Maybe, had we got one, it’ll add to our misery. And though how kind the words in the letter might be, it will still cut like a knife. And though it is appreciated, I would soon forget it for sympathy can never be fully expressed by mentioning it repeatedly. Sympathy becomes complete only by sitting beside someone in quietness. It is also realized in a prayer, and prayer, and more prayers.
I could remember, in my younger days how it was like a parade when my father died. And when everyone tried to join us, even his colleague (lowest rank to the highest positions) visited and went with us until my Dad got to his finish destination: 7 feet under.
And there were prayers from time to time from friends and family, and cards of prayers. I think these mattered most because someone died, for both the living and the dead need the assurance of God’s caring.
How would you write your deepest sympathy letter then? Would you enumerate every feeling of grief and detail of sadness? Would you, if afar, burst in crying pages of interrogation to give hints for justice? Would you write in madness to show how it breaks your heart, as well? How would you do them?
How would you write I grieve with you, and I empathize with your pain?
Would your letter cut open your chest and show how your heart bleeds? No, that will not suffice.
How about a letter of affection? And in a letter full of prayers showing God’s presence like a mountain that connects lands, and oceans that connects spheres, and air that sustains the magnificence of heaven?
A deepest sympathy letter would come best in a letter of affection and pleadings from God, writing nothing but of love; I grieve because I love. Let God suffice the longings of your heart. Let me wipe your tears with my kisses and let me hold you tight in my silence. I’m meant to love you. I love you.
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