Today I Did Not Write

Today, I did not write.  I read. I slept.  I did light chores.  

Today, I felt the longing for You, because when I awoke, we didn't speak enough.

Today, I always felt in a hurry like chasing doves and donuts; like hurrying on a pee, like swallowing my crackers. 

I had two cups of coffee, one brewed, the other from a 3-1 sachet of white.  I thought cafe Italiano for St. Hannibal and Batangas coffee for me.  Such an imagined meal for two sipped, just by me; alternately, just like when I let my students read alternately.

Thank you Eliud for the coffee.  It is dark and strong.  I like its taste.

Soon the Angelus!  Soon, I will try not to hurry with us.  I always wait for You.

I always wait for you to fill my heart when I plead.

I will try to visit your temple tonight. Take care of me.

Take care of those I love.  

Take care of us all.

Almighty Father, empower us.


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