How To Behave When No One's Watching

How many eyes are there? Two eyes. Other's say there are three eyes, the third eye is the extra sensory perception. Still other's say, there are four, those people with glasses got four (laugh).

But you are alone now. Eyes don't see you now.

How would you act?

We all act in many ways: dressed or naked, full or hungry, strong or weak, angry or forgiving, among others.

The children are those who are so naive and so true. They can be ashamed most of the time, but would ask and push through. The adults are free, but mysterious when alone. Who knows, what one does and how one pees and foams the bubbles, or how one toils on his work unselfishly. There are many stories to tell. Most of the time, the husband and the wife know and share a lot of common things.

As for me I try my best to behave (though I'm imperfect), and feel the presence of God around. I am aware that He is watching all, for we are all His children. When the lights are off, and we're in the draft state (unmade), and we've become tainted, and we fall on our knees; He sees and He comes, beside and the closest to us.

When no one is watching, I feel God's presence right beside me. And I just couldn't curse even enemies, but pray for all that we may find God's arms in good and bad times. We just couldn't tell exactly how to behave when no one is watching because someone watching or not is not a question, at all; should there be changes? Let the Holy Spirit guide in any situation and we would do as we're told in Heaven's will. Maybe, there's a sense of alchemy, too.

And yes, freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom when no one is watching and a time to be alone with God, and talk to him, and tell him all that is in our hearts: bitter or sweet. It is not getting crazy, but just pleading and acting out monologues.

Usually, when no one is watching, we come to feel a gripping moment, and come to think of those that we love and cherish. We couldn't hate so much for in the state of being alone, is also a state of God's grace. Some kind of power to pardon those who have wronged us bestirs the heart only God can see, and then we pray for others in the silence that we're most endowed with power, because we offer the self to Jesus.

And as to work, we serve with love even when no one is looking. We are not alone. God is always with us, now and forever. Be still.

rose flores martinez


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