Success: Corporate and Non-Corporate

Success has been defined throughout time. Every worker has something valuable to say. Life is learning from each other.

Power, some say, is that individual quality that sets individuals above from his/her peers.

Let's see what some people say:

A wise man once said: Success is simple. Do the right thing, the right way at the right time. Another life observer was quoted saying, "Device for finding furniture in the dark," like bumping into furniture in the dark. It's hard to see the light, but eventually you will find your way.

A corporate worker says that she has learned to accept that sometimes the world is not a fair place. "Still, I can't help but think that we might find a way to value brains over asymmetrical facial features. Maybe, the imperfect fruit usually has the most flavor."

Successful women value themselves as professionals. "They have the ability and desire to be their own lead and are not afraid to ask for help and support in order to get what they need."

From a mother: "If I had to credit one thing for my career success and in balancing work and family, it would be my writing skills. Strong writing offers the option of a flexible work arrangement."

Hot tips:

When faced with a big day's work such as a meeting or presentation, dress in something you love, something you know you look good in, something that gives you a personal boost, like a power suit.

Fashion experts say "An image can play a large role in the achievement of success." We are judged tremendously on own image and personality style." Your image is a visual expression of who you are and what you want to accomplish.

From a businessman: Time management is a key to success. "I keep my schedule on track by always doing the least favorite task on the day first. I am always happily surprised by the satisfaction of scratching that first tough item off the list. With that done, the day only gets better."

Communicate effectively. And that is with force, but kindly. The word "we" is better than the word "I," in harnessing success for group, communities, or even individuals.

Know that everyone is imperfect, but anyone can try real hard and hit a goal. Be happy and make others happy while working for goals in life. Success is getting people get the best for all!


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