Going French

Let’s Go French

The French are vibrant   moving and irresistible.  Beneath their elegance, they respond to atavistic and primitive impulses.  They are unembarrassed people made for special occasions.  They may behave badly, but they always act superbly.

I have never been to France, but it gives me interest to go French in this article because of their contributions to the world in terms of  food,  religion,  family, elegance, and language, among others.  And don’t forget the French kiss.

Check this:

Anatole France is the pen name of Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault,.  He is a French writer and editor.  He wrote the Lady’s Juggler.

St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) is the founder of Franciscan order of monks.

Louis Braille is the French inventor of embossed reading system for the blind.

“Bonsoir” is French for “Good evening.”

“Bon appetite” means eat well or enjoy your food. Brouhaha uproar, hubbub

“Coup d’etat” is a sudden overturn of a government.

“Faux pas” is a social error or blunder.

Noblesse oblige explains “Nobility obliges, or has its obligations.”

Vis-à-vis is face to face.

The linguistic bequest of the French to the world has been indispensable.  They are (Avant-garde) creators of new ideas and  many French artists and writers are unorthodox .

They invented body language.  In conversation, their hands are never still.  Their hands act the shape, form and size of ideas.  They have signs for approval, superiority, apology, surprise and frustration.  So they consider it impolite to talk when one’s hands are in the pocket (The Xenophobe’s Guide to French by Nick Yapp, Michel Syrett).

Moreover, where others use the inflections of the voice to show how they feel, the French use eyes, hands, lips and shoulders to reveal a full range of emotions.  In work, they have mastered the art of invisible work.  Secretly, they must bless the inventions for the word processor.  In food, enjoyment in a good restaurant or home cooking is a spiritual experience like a neo-religious ritual.

And the French kiss?  Go figure.
Home French  Toast (my recipe)

Beat 2 eggs and put some milk (evaporated).  Set aside.

Prepare cream bread.

Prepare butter.

Dip cream bread (sliced loaf)  per piece in the mixture of egg and milk.

Put 1 table spoon of butter  in a pan (Teflon or any hotcake pan).

Cook the dipped bread (both sides) like cooking pancakes.

Lay in serving dish and serve with syrup, cream and/ or fruit.

Rose Flores Martinez
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