Some How To Questions

Story: Answers to “How To” Questions

“How to do things” come in various funny, creative, serious ways.  Books and internet support are valued as reliable sources all over the world. Aside from schools and workplaces, individuals and groups give assistance for the progress of life.

Story Experiences:

  1. How to Drive

Once, my husband asked me “What’s the first thing you do when you drive?”

I answered, “Make the sign the cross.”  Then he and my kids laughed out loud.

“Okay,” he answered.  “But aside from making a sign of the cross, what do you do?”

“Read the map,” and they laughed again.  Everyone came laughing, but those are really the steps you must do.  Praying before travel  and being safe, having a map (now, it’s a GPS), and more engine preparations are necessary.

Finally, he said “Pull up/Get on with/ the hand brake.”

  1. How to Make a Garden

While walking along St. Hannibal Street day by day, a garden greets me anew.

Day 1:  The small garden in front of the renovated house was cleaned-up.

Day 2:  Garden soil covered the old small piece of ground.

Day 3:  Bamboo, plants, and some flowers were planted.

Day 4:  Decorations were set up.  White stones covered small parts of the garden and some stones encircled the new plants.

Day 5:  A mailbox was put in the garden.

Day 6:  More decorations.

When I saw the gardener I exclaimed “Wow, you make a very beautiful garden.”

He smiled and thanked me.

  1. How to Edit Manuscripts

Editing is necessary for everyone especially for writers, teachers and managers.  Of course, they’re editor’s work, but before the manuscript gets sent it should be at least corrected by the one who wrote/made/researched it.

Occasionally, I’ve worked as an editor and I found it very tedious.   However,  the work only lasted me for months.  And as a teacher, some students never, never really practice.  I remind them to practice writing sentences everyday. “Though no one can be perfect in grammar – if you write a simple sentence it should at least be understandable.”

The basics of editing are the basics of  “basic grammar.”  Editing tools can be helpful, but  simple notes and reminders can be done in any convenient way (for non-professional editors). A dictionary and English reference books are guides. Editing programs and online materials are also available now.

  1. How  to Sleep and Wake Up Peacefully

Guess?  Reflect what you’ve accomplish for the day and what you would be doing tomorrow.  It doesn’t need to be big.  Success starts in pieces of hard work, and life’s fulfillment come in small miracles.  Pray before sleeping and upon waking up.  God hears short and long prayers.  He glories in any act of good deed, work or service.  If you had done that – your days will be always be filled with God’s grace and guidance.  Truly, love in your heart will give peace.

/rose flores martinez
Oct 29, 2010


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