Reading Death

Reading Death


Coping up and accepting death is being objective with death. Life as it is born, dies. In between, many writers find for some reasons and ways how to make death acceptable for humans. Coping and expressing emotions and thoughts in terms of art and rituals serve death, forming pictures of life here and beyond.

Death shows how time links the past and present civilizations, how man rise and preserve species, and how history lived. The answers are vast as the universe began in Genesis and how it will end in the Revelation.

We are people with so many questions showing power and great faculties transcending life, but still science gets its limits in death. No mutation, or invention, or technology can create another human and give its dignity in death, except the Supreme Being called God.

Poets and writers share wisdom about this topic.

Emily Dickinson wrote “Because I Could Not Stop For Death.”

James Joyce wrote “The Dead.”

Federico Lorca Garcia wrote “Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter.”

Among others, the poems of Sylvia Plath come to be face to face with death. W. H. Auden poems also give us sad death poems.

Norman Manea, a professor of Literature wrote “October, Eight O’clock Stories.” The book includes fiction about death. At the age of five, Manea was deported to the Ukrainian interment camp of Transnistria.

Death? “Let not your hearts be troubled, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ,” (from the Holy Bible).


1. Prayers for the Poor Souls in Purgatory (by St. Gertrude the Great)

Eternal Father,
I offer you the most precious blood
Of your Divine Son Jesus,
In union with the Masses
Said throughout the world today
For all the holy souls in purgatory.

O Lord, hear my prayer
And let my cry come to you.

2. Prayer for the Dead (St. Hannibal Mary)

Most loving Heart of Jesus, from the bottom of my nothingness,
I beg you to extend your infinite mercy to the holy souls in purgatory
That they may soon enjoy the beatific vision.

Look, O Jesus, on the tears of the Church,
Your mystical spouse born from
Your Sacred side on the altar of the cross.
She presents to you your own merits and
Begs you to have mercy on the souls
Of the departed ones.


The story of Christ’s passion shows the life of Jesus Christ as man: the reason for why was He born, and why did He die. Triumph is shown in the most beautiful Resurrected Christ!

Rosalinda Flores – Martinez


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