Blogging Forever?

Blogging Forever?

Thank GOD, I survived the 100-Article Challenge of Ezine Articles. Com.

From here, I thought… what would be the next?

Now, I am trying to test if I could be a professional blogger? I mean, work and at least earn in this aspect of writing. I will do that and see the possibilities…

I know it won’t be easy, nothing came easy in serious work. But then, work becomes light and happy if you love what you’re doing, like blogging forever? Watch out!

1. I have read about the cookware in Maureen Sander Blog, and surely cookwares must last a long time and could be passed to your children and your children’s children. The price is right because the guarantee of it is durability and safety.

There are different name brands for cookwares : affordable and expensive, something to fit your budget or splurge on something useful.

We have got “Soligens,” and a lot more…some are imported from different countries like India, US, and Japan. They’re good to cook for your kids meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner.


I also came into seeing the monsters in “” They’re called “moshi monsters.” Moshi monsters is a new free game online for girls and boys where you can create your own virtual pet and care for it with your friends.

Before, my kids loved these pets and they fed the pet monsters.

There was also that twinkle brass and cool copper cleaning kit. I love cleaning, mothers love cleaning “easily.”

I also ran across Coco Blog and My Global

In Susanne Dukes, I felt like shopping. Yes, a Worldwideweb mall to access new products like bead curtains and beach play sets, among others.

Roseannebevil.Easyworldwide mall is a showcase, you don’t need to tire yourself just to shop. You can do it online.

Foreign students love to shop online. Most of them are professionals with busy schedules, so shopping online helps in saving time travel time.

Jewelry, and even sophisticated pendants are available like the “Scalar pendant.”

Of course, shop at best Amazon associates and get discounts.

Let us see if we’re doing it right. I’ll finally come to it! Read the texts and enjoy!

Opps.. what do you think my future in blogging would be? Would I get rich, or so bored, or always updated or descending? Ezine taught me how to make it quickly…it’s worth it: the time and effort building a good community, after all.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Rose Flores Martinez 2010


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