Journal Notes. On April 28, 2017. Beware on Store Promos /Rewards: Make Sure They Work

Beware on Store Promos /Rewards:  Make Sure They Work 

I was about to redeem my meat freebie today at the Monterey Meat Shop, but instead - I got pissed, tore the ticket and flung a confetti in front of the cash register.  
Wow!  I’m excited what surprise gift pack that would be… 
You know customers are happy and become just like kids for freebies, discounts and store rewards.  Sometimes I am not just into believing these promos, but sometimes, too, we feel so cool and we’d   pay and validate store promos to receive surprises with what we’d buy in the “Buy One, Take One” or half the price discounts, among others.
After completing a cycle (6 sets) of two hundred fifty pesos (250) worth of each single receipt of beef, pork and chicken, affixed with the cashier’s signature and date of purchase I was asked to get my surprise pack as available.  So I waited and every time I went in the meat shop, in the community I always asked about the prize which made me go there from time to time because I was excited.  They even advised me to come back for the prize.  Maybe, I’m just like my Mom who got excited buying something with a freebie when she bought medicines and toiletries at Watsons.  We just laughed out loud because even if she did not need the product, just for the freebie, she would buy it.  I didn’t know what term in psychology that would classify us.  The reason maybe was because we bought with hard earned money and we’re unfamiliar with the word ask - so we’re happy if we got a surprise or a freebie with our choicest stores as valued customers.
I told the cashier “Hey, you piss me a lot!  I could have asked the maids to buy here but because it made me cheery to keep track of the promo, I often visited the store, myself.”  She could have instructed me to keep all the receipts from time to time because I thought it would be okay if the purchase receipt was incomplete because they could trace it from the ledger or computer data as to the date cashiers’ had signed the ticket.
And FYI:  I did not ask for that ticket, she offered it to me.  Well, she became my friend before, but at that time of my complaint I wanted to tuck the pork ribs inside her mouth (in my imagination) for the hassle she caused me: the make-believe advertisement and false publicity. 
She would not know how I hated bad publicities, but as a PR writer, back then, I had been honest to what I wrote.  I would never tolerate people like her.  People of that kind might spell danger; and unknowingly, betray public trust.
And one more thing, didn’t she know how to utter the word, “Sorry?”  That would make a lot of difference; moreover, that would settle for peace.
Anyway, thanks to the store supervisor who appeased the aggrieved me.
I became a demigod today.  We need to rebuke, if necessary, but it could have been better than that.

  /rosevoc.april 28, 2017


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