Journal Notes. On February 19, 2017. Mikey's Corpse

This Sunday when I opened the kitchen door, Kitty had offered something again right in the doorstep, on the doormat in oozing bloody intestines.  Thanks be to God for a job well done, Kitty!  And growls, too, for Mickey Mouse...What can I say, but "Lord, have mercy, Lord!"

I got a garbage bag and did not hesitate to put the mat in it, because no one would bury Mickey Mouse in that early morning.  I wanted to puke, but I thought of suffering from an upset stomach, so I tried to discipline my body and save the food that I just ate for breakfast.  While tidying  up Kitty's job of attacking Mickey, I exhorted  words thinking about God's presence near me, asking for His help and assurance, in the refrain  

"Lord, have mercy, Lord
Lord, have mercy, Lord
Lord, have mercy, Lord,"

until  Mickey's corpse was tucked neatly,  "Lord, have mercy, Lord!"

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