Journal. In 2017. Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Yesterday, I went to pay respect to Mama Mary at Baclaran Church.  It was also the feast of the Holy Child Jesus. It was fun going around just like a child even when you're fifties.

This church has given me a lot of miracles and answer to pleas.  I did not ask for anything here, but the Blessed Mother's guidance. Truly, Mama Mary is our mother.

The start of the year brings a lot of memories, all those events that happened and all new wishes.

I could remember those days with my husband (rip), even before we were married.  I shed blood here because of love believing a promise to my youth and forever married.  

I could remember those days I knelt down scared like a kid when it was time for work abroad leaving my kids. God answers what we ask for in ways we do not understand if we obey His will and love Him.

I could remember just being there all days I was growing older and visiting Saint Therese, as well, knowing not, what will happen next.  The Magnificence of the Lord Jesus Christ in beautiful ways of asking His presence in our lives, though unworthiness, is being revealed in the graces of our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Last 2016 was a busy year of affluence and delving into new centers of life like accounting, paying debts and investing.  It was also a summit of opening new doors of the future and dreaming wild.  Hopes are there… in the new year 2017! 

As to my writing, my muse came through Mama Mary, after just being in this church, lighting some candles and presenting myself, those in my heart, especially the people I love and those who have entrusted me for prayers.  Nothing special of me, but the grace and mercy, we all receive every single day of depending in the care of Mary, our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Around the vicinity of the church are vendors selling affordable stuff for everyday use. Also there are yummy Filipino delicacies like boiled corn, green mangoes and lechon. 

Well in the new year – the best I had was the fruit cake from my brother Jonathan in the US and the sweet potatoes that was grown in our hometown Caramoan.  I ate them with my nephew Christjohn greeting the new year with a blast!  Yet I thought, “ Ah… this year seems to be new when all people are out and busy and problems come minimal; it’s extraordinary!  

And so I thought, we only have two hands to cup the blessings, a small brain to think of all the struggles, and above all these is God’s love through Mary, our mother is perpetual.  Nothing and no one can contest on that.  May Mama Mary be there in all our joy and cares this 2017! 


/rosevoc. Jan 16, 2017 


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