On December 4, 2016. Journal. Thank You, Dear Lord!

Today is Sunday.  For God's sake... I know I have to write and punch the keys.  (I found that phrase on Christian Mihai's You Tube video; a blogger on Wordpress).  Truly, we all need each other's motivation in writing good literature.

Last week of November just happened too fast working on house chores.  A mother couldn't delete that in her life, however hard you do other duties.  Sometimes, even at work, I find myself mothering, and always wondered why I care so much, when I just could have minded my own business.  Perhaps, I am happy and fulfilled at that - a  mother, a teacher, a teacher, a mother, a mother, a teacher, a teacher a mother... that is how it goes with me...trying so hard.

Well now, it is December and soon, we'd all say "Bye bye 2016 and hello 2017!"  Thank you, dear Lord for the days of our lives.  Thank you dear Lord for being with us in our journey and the paths we take.  Thank you for each beautiful day you give us all.  Thank you for protecting the people we love.  Thank you for letting us survive the trials.  Thank you for just being with us, through the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Good morning, everyone!  Smile.

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december 4, 2016


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