A Blessed 2016!

December 31, 2015

Hi -
My muse can’t wait any longer.  I have to write before the year (2015) ends; and so to welcome 2016!
After doing my slides in 2014 and doing a project for the “I Share Community” on blogs (digital art), I wasn’t able to write again.  Until the Pope (Pope Francis I) came for a visit in the Philippines in January, until my vacation in Caramoan in February, until the house chores in March, the tree cutting in April on the yard, and the processing of documents since May till December; my muse has sat quietly and only scrutinized my way of life. 2015 has gone so fast and sleek in God’s provision.

Life is full of tests, a box of chocolates and a firm resolve of hope.  I am glad to meet new people along the way, face to face and online, familiar and unfamiliar communities, children and adults, government and non-government workers, babies and seniors, among others.

“Noblesse oblige”; the weight of duty:  My highlights are the government offices.  There is still red tape, slow data systems, and disrespectful personnel; however, there are still those, and still many, who value work and kindness to accomplish their responsibilities.  I have met some and I thank God for their zeal to serve.  May God bless them a hundredfold!

From the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), I told them that my father, was once a government servant until he died.  “He was shot (at 38) when he was supposed to meet with a client.” 
“Yes, that is the risk of our job,”  the section chief replied.

I also sought assistance from the Land Registration Authority (LRA).  And I thank God for the help they give to the public.

Upon these events, I found out that God is truly present in each one of us.  That when we unite and execute duties of good service, we all advance in endeavours and contribute accomplished goals for individuals, communities, nations and the world.

May Mary, our Mother bring us hope in all our endeavours, in 2016!
Send O Lord, holy apostles/workers into Your church!
St. Hannibal, pray for us!
Holy angels and Saints, pray for us!
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust and love You!

A blessed New Year all!  Mwahs!  God has many surprises!

Love always,


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