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The oldest art examples found on the walls of the caves, were interpreted and used in connecting people - culture, heaven - earth, life- death, time- space, GOD - man. These connections come with rituals and magical ceremonies many thousands of years ago, and had been improved as part of fine art. These paintings, lines, forms, and signs express and communicate life.

Art was developed on a grand scale by the Ancient Egyptians. The Sphinx, the Pharaohs, their structures, some of which still survive today. In about 600 BC the Greeks produced realistic statues of human form, Romans followed the Greek tradition, and during the Romanesque and Gothic periods sculpture used wood as a basic material. One of the greatest changes in art was brought about by French artist Rodin who used sculpture as form of portraiture and to capture movement. The tendency of modern sculpture is towards the abstract. Majority of public art is sculpture. Many sculptures are laid in the garden and parks that usually pay homage to respected artists, heroes, and historical icons, among others.

Painting consists of colors. The colors can be mixed with a medium which is water, oil or resin, then applied with a brush or a substitute like leaves, sticks or fingers. In the 14th century, Fra Angelico painted The Annunciation. Then Boticelli produced two pictures Spring and The Birth of Venus. Other famous paintings are Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Michaelangelo's decorations of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Music makes the world go round. The Hebrews believe that it came from heaven. Children think angels use the harp and sing to GOD. Church leaders developed music in temples for worship.

Classical music revolves around time. Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolgang Mozart, and Franz Schubert are among the world's best musicians. Elvis Presley, and the Beatles became a legend, too, time recommending Beatles study be part in Fine Art programs.

Literature, the study of permanent records in writing describes work which has value in any form - books, manuscripts, letters, scrolls and presently, weblogs (internet /blogs, journals) produced by the newest technology.

The Roman Catholic Church preserved the ancient manuscripts. The earliest forms of literature were stories and narrative poems. Writing Masters attest that the Holy Bible contains the best form of poetry in the Book of Psalms.

For all time, work of art links. Art as God's gift of expression, communication, freedom and felicity, bring the mysteries of life tangible to every human being, today and forever.

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