Truth: On Emerson's Quote

"God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please you can never have both." Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Repose in this context could be leisure, dormancy or any comfort zone.

Leisure is the favorite word of lazy people. They opt for easier solutions that wouldn't entail stretching of muscles. They desist responsibilities, pass on work, and do a lot of talking and putting on a friendly face.

Dormancy is inaction. The dead lies quietly and steadily in the coffin. Total rest is for the dead, as work is for the living. Time moves life, and there is no best choice but to move forward. God makes us, in different places of the world see the beauty that lies around.

Comfort zones are good, but then life's zest is facing challenges and pruning communities. Comfort zones are good, for some time of hydrating the bodies. There is no discovery in the comfort zones, but to rest for a while, then leap the next day.

Emerson says "The person who loves the truth will abstain from dogmatism, and recognize the opposite negations, between which as walls, his being is swung. He submits to the inconvenience of suspense and imperfect opinion..."

Truth carries with it a firm resolve and the act of prudence. Faith in goodness supports its premises. It stands pure as gold. It is what heaven teaches how mortals could elevate to a level where Saints dwell; a place of the gods in mythology. Someone weak in spirit can never defend truth. He/She would tell a lie and couldn't stand affront to lead a tribe or become an example testifying about heaven and earth.

And so truth, as the other is not (repose), earns respect in man's being, and the purpose for which beings are created.

Joseph Ratzinger, before his election as Pope Benedict XVI in his book, "Truth and Tolerance" argued that love and truth are identical.

Views prove about truth, from the past until now, from Plato, Aquinas, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Fromm, even Foucault on Nietzsche; and everyone, keeps proving about it.

And so it endures, like love. Truth is love. It will abstain from a bunchful of commodities, as it goes with the wisdom of ages and creations, beauty and zest. Truth is all beautiful, and it can never stay damped like the dullness of repose; it will come free as the wind and rolling like waves to chant the song of life, a kiss from its Creator.

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