Society And Mythology

Every society has mythology as its principal part of stories in its earlier phases of development. The language is metaphorical. Poets love mythology because mythology deals with divine beings. For example: The myth of Prometheus (the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind) gives to Shelley that attracts him to the myth rather than to a contemporary social theme.

Northrop Frye in his paper about "Nature and Myth" says that a myth, in its simplest and most normal significance, is a certain kind of story, generally about a god or other divine being. Myths in this sense are associated with primitive cultures.

According to studies, myths tend to stick together and form a mythology (body of stories associated with culture), whereas folktales simply travels over the world interchanging their motifs and themes. Legends are more photo historical in reference. It is an easy-going form of tradition, before there is general demand for history conceived as the study of what actually happened.

Influences of myths to human situation show broad concepts of beginnings to the myths of the end: creation, golden age, lost paradise, dragons, chaos, apocalypse, millennium, Utopia (Sir Thomas More, describing a perfect society of an imaginary island) or else, visions of total destruction. Take note of the movie about an apocalypse shown 2009 which raised societal disapproval upon using the statue of "Christ the Redeemer" in Brazil (Seven Wonders of the World). How can one highlight the destruction that symbolizes sacredness? What would be its effects?

Recently, a James Cameron movie entitled "Avatar" (Best picture, Best Direction, with 9 Academy Award nominations) shows the planet Pandora. Dragons fly here, just like in the old stories. New York Times comments it is "Glorious!" A story idea gives life to Sam Worthington, a paraplegic marine with a new mission on planet Pandora. He co-stars with Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver.

Moreover, online is a computer user's representation of himself or herself or an alter ego. Avatar from the Sanskit word "avatara" is similar to reincarnation (Wikipedia Online).

II. For most Greek gods, there are corresponding ones in Roman Mythology.

      Greek Mythology   Roman Mythology

King of the gods Zeus Jupiter
Queen of the gods Hera Juno
Goddess of love Aphrodite Venus
God of sun, music and medicine Phoebus Apollo Apollo
God of war Ares Mars
Goddess of wisdom Pallas Athena Minerva
God of fire Hephaestus Vulcan
God of the sea Poseidon Neptune
Goddess of the hunt Artemis Diana

Rose Flores Martinez, 2010


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