A List of Virtues

People have different ways to improve their habits and goals. Success-oriented people and leaders to be motivated make their own list, like Benjamin Franklin and DH Lawrence.

In fact, it was noted that Benjamin Franklin made a table with seven columns to check the habits everyday. At the end of the list, Benjamin realized that faults were sometimes, so much to find, but then afterward he became happy to see the faults diminish.

In an essay that Benjamin Franklin wrote containing about these habits, which he believed were virtues he also cited precepts. As he tried them, he recorded which virtue/habit he fulfilled and that which he missed.

Also, DH Laurence listed his choices of his own good habits. It sparked from the writings of Benjamin that Lawrence wrote his list. Some writers agree that DH Lawrence is the presence of the mind passionately at work while doing his list. Lawrence frees his muse strikingly attractive, defines spontaneously his words, and finds rhythm in his temper. Franklin shoots it briefly, but well-crafted.

Franklin and Lawrence gave thoughts on the following virtues. Check and see the author's comments, then give your own.

On Frugality

Comment: Be wise, hence the "Golden Rule." The second is being fair, and no to pride and emotion.

On Industry

Comment: Keep busy in accomplishing goals. Serve God (although DH Lawrence is using "Holy Ghost"), and not the prodding of man.

On Sincerity

Comment: Pure thoughts; Franklin comes ideally prudent. Lawrence is madly in chants.

On Justice

Comment: Responsibility to others is giving justice. That of the second is sincerity, but never being biased.

In a reader's point of view, DH Lawrence ascends for his unique style of misrepresentations being stunningly courageous about his soul. He is indeed, an artist. Benjamin Franklin though is a bull in the field, in defense of nothing. He is rigid and concise.

DH Lawrence is physically frail and raged throughout his short life against emotional deadness of the 20th century, which he feared would turn us all into automatons. Their thoughts clash, but their precepts are almost parallel. Why do you think so?

As each one is a special being for God, each one is endowed with something to contribute for the world. We only have different styles as to how we would do things to the benefit of all. We have to let each other thrive, bloom, or bear fruit. In this way we use our creative energies not to harm others, or to feel envious, nor lusting for anything. Perhaps then, we would learn the meaning of responsibility that comes with freedom, and fun that comes with prudence.

Try. Make your own list about the virtues you uphold.

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