Saint Joseph of Nazareth

To be a good parent is a great duty for all of mankind. It must be like a tree steadfastly planted by God to bear good fruits or holy workers. The children succeed their parents, in every generation in all nations of the earth, fit to be worthy and molded for God's ways and truth. Nothing is lost in life, if parents always tried hard to raise, support, and love their children in honest obedience to God's commandments.
Saint Joseph of Nazareth is the foster father of Jesus. He is the husband of Mary. We call Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, the Holy Family. Saint Joseph is a carpenter, never quoted in the Bible, but divinely chosen to take care of the Virgin Mary. He is also the patron of the universal church, carpenters, fathers and social justice.
Saint Joseph's humble, but decent work sustained God's Son, Jesus; and finally brought Jesus in obedience to God's will, take life's cross, and saving in one love, all God's children.
Saint Joseph is my hero. Back then, I always prayed for his intercession and for my parents, too, and how they would work and provide for the family. I asked, like any child would ask a father, especially which concerned work. And he provided for us - for my Dad's work.
I pray that in this year, we would be better parents to any one who needed prayer and some good education, like our own children, their children, their children's children, our students and anyone, especially those who are out of school, young or old, in any way God would lead.
Here is a prayer.
Dear God, help us to become good parents. Like Saint Joseph, let us prompt our children, young or old, and those who are needy, to their dreams. Help us become good examples of work, duty, and delight in every day that God gives to us. Let us be asking, but calm. Let us be thankful, but zealous, until our dream and hopes become real.
Saint Joseph, in each passing day, be a father to us, as you were with Jesus when he was young. Teach us how to work with loyalty to the vocation God called us for, in work. Help us to be silent in duty and never complaining, yet forceful in the ways of God's truth. This we pray in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Saint Joseph of Nazareth, pray for us.

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