You at the Center

You at the Center

You, at the center,  appease my fright
A kid’s heart, at that
Like a hand that reaches from a slope
Like flesh that waits a hug
Like a father eager for a kiss.

You have always loved me
And my needing self
My asking self
My stubborn self.

My endearment of you makes you want me even more

My grit surprises you, my aches, my glory

You are my home, builder of my ruins

As I am your falling star
Your rising stars, your one darling,
You never doubt my love.

You, at the center, appease my heart.

Halos on your head, fill me tenacity
Lights of your promises, empower me vitality

You, at the center, appease my heart
One Sacred Heart, my Lord  and my God –
Don’t leave me.

/rosevoc2.january 28 2015


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