On December 27, 2014. My Bible Highlights on the Four Gospels

Dear Readers and Internet Community,

I thank God for today and everyday!

I  am able to beat the deadline of my writing project for the "I Share Community."

I am thinking to finish it by January 2015 or before Pope Francis arrives in the Philippines, but then, it is a miracle that I'm done with the project, as early as 2014, now, before the year ends.

Patience bears fruit.  I'm aware I am not good at layout designs or artistic combinations, yet I've done it fairly good!  I derived the texts from my ebook nugget "My Bible Highlights,"  and then, borrowed the pictures from friends, relatives, and community, alas! I've done the creative slides highlighting God's word. It was fun doing it, although my eyes often sored red - still it was a cool task and anti- stress, different from the daily routines of life.

Thank you for reading my work.

May God bless us all and as the year ends and another year approaches, we would all live to be happy and steadfast in God's promises of love.

All my love,


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