June 25, 2014. Journal Notebook . Why GOD?

Journal Notebook.

Yesterday, was the birthday of my Dad.  I remember him and all the faithful departed.  Life is so mysterious, as our dreams but what makes it grand is how we are nourished by God each new day; like the air we breathe, like the sun that warms, like the rain that falls from heaven.

There are times life just sucks.  With all the shit in the world, you would want to find solutions.  With all that happens, you would ask, "Why God?" And then comes silence.  You here nothing, but only the beat of your heart.  God will not show his face.  God will not pop right in front of you.  You will only feel all the blood in your body, warm and flowing like God's cuddling arms, hands,thighs,chest and mouth.

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