March 23. My Journal Notebook

March 23. My Journal Notebook

I thank God that I could read for some hours and blog again.  Of course, we must be careful of eye pain, muscle pain and back pain.  Working with the PC is happy and fulfilling, but we must consider health, too.  And thank God, I could endure for some hours again. 

I have been with the PC and laptop for a very long time, years and years.  I have grown with the PC.  Way back, I have used the typewriter, and it was cool.  But the typewriter was tasking.  My Dad used the typewriter making his reports.  My aunt Patria used them, too.  As for me, I did number works and my first articles on the typewriter.  Insert paper, scroll, return carriage, scroll; unlike the desktop’s power on, enter, type, power off. Grrr… I’ve wasted a lot of bond paper, carbon paper while sweating to get done.  And then, you have to use fasteners to collate, as compared to folder slides.  It took me hours to finish because you have to check on the ribbon often.  That time, the world was still peaceful and slow.

In the 20th and now the 21st century – we are on the “press age.”  Your fingers have power!  I mean pressing keyboards: enter, delete, edit, send.    High technology is amazing!  It creates a lot of innovations and changes.  It is fast paced.  It builds a global community!  Of course, balance is important because we are humans and not androids.  Balance and moderation like symbiosis, balance like breathing in and breathing out, balance as when God holds the skies.  

Good morning!  And thanks be to GOD!  A blessed Sunday!

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