How To Keep Your Writing Ideas Fresh

How do articles catch the reader's attention? How do writers present interesting stories and facts? Do the ideas present something of light? Are they startling? Are they challenging?
Below are parameters how articles should be written.
Ideas can be presented in many ways. Find a new angle how to tell the story. Keen observation and common sense are needed to make the ideas look larger than just ideas, so they become guidelines to improve life and stuff.
Great ideas come from some special attention to those close at hand. Try to present everyday matters in a fresh angle like relating it to present trends, present news, society, fashion, and food among others. See the problems around, give some pointers or tips how to help and make things better. Also, check on jobs, activities, business, home matters, events, or significant contemporary issues.
Then start boldly without any unnecessary preliminaries. Show the reader that there's a purpose in the story or article.
Check the Holy Bible, for example.
The Bible has been written many years ago, and till now texts from the books are used as they relate to various situations in life. Parables from the chapters are taken as patterns, and compared to present day events. See that evolution sparks newer thoughts. The past, the present and the future are linked together to make one workable and fresh article about the life now.
How do ideas generate?
One easy and proven way is to write daily blogs, or a journal. Post a day. Write what matters everyday. What are the changes? What are the needs? Observe. Cull the ideas profoundly from what's around, and present them clearly.
Ideas are just around the blocks. Focus and get the facts. Make a new approach. This will look like presenting something new, even if the topic is overused. It's like one person clothed in different dresses and shirts, and different clothes of time. Haven't you noticed, when you wear something new, you can look different? It's the same with how articles or stories are written, where a new approach can be made.
Finally, don't forget to know your audience and/or market. Write for that particular market so there's focus on what details to add or subtract. See what's up in the papers, books or internet and find an original and new way of discovering or reinventing the ideas.
Don't disappoint the reader. Don't disappoint the editor. Don't lie with significant details. Give more than what was promised. A fresh idea is like cooking a new recipe and discovering new flavors. It is also finding another fresh lobster from one big ocean: boiled in soup or fried in butter!

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