The Beatles Muse

I'm a Beatles follower. Way back, I never thought I would go this far - but I'm here finding my muse with their gift of songs. Their genius amuses me.
I live on Liverpool Street, Philippines. My lucky number is 64. I am an ordinary writer. I grew up listening to the "Beatles" songs even I'm out their generation. My high school classmates adored them and my uncles had their jingles memorized. Later, when I taught ESL, my foreign students (both young and old) sang their songs. Their songs were considered valuable in English history.
Let me define Beatles' Art.
The Beatles genius' is a showcase of music, instruments, and song poems. The songs are easy but forceful. Mostly, they're about love and life, but something that carries mystery to the senses. The lyrics of their songs are crafted like stars spreading on the sky at night and like original nursery rhymes in unique form and structure. The melody lasts and fits a wide range of tunes and instruments blending with shifting earth colors.
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are "The Beatles."
An artist is a separate entity - from friends, families, and lovers. He feels happy and satisfied with a talent/gift/ or work he shares to other people that no critic can ever destroy and thoroughly deconstruct.
An artist works in different ways, and sometimes he never knows he/she is one, unless he/she becomes popular like the Beatles, among others.
John, Paul, George and Ringo spark an aura of beauty when they perform together as "Beatles." Their songs echo time after time catering to all ages, groups, and races. The group is not a product of music colleges, but then, it is better and had endured.
The years of Beatles' performances and every word of their song compositions reverberate unto every corner of earth's poles like scientific theories of gravity and attraction.
Their music rocks the wind and rain together. And people judge them to be inspiring and educating in terms of good music, performances, and/or art.
It is sad that they (the group) have to separate. (Let's hope they've been happy with people close to their hearts: wife, family, other friends). Yet watch out! Muses come in different forms. Though they've all been successful on their own - the real muse left them. The four of them were so in love ( which their songs show), and the muse went jealous.
And as the four separated, the muse had to go.

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