On May 13, 2013

Yesterday, the Filipino people voted.

I guess, everyone was excited if not, pissed.

After my mother's death (before I was not able to vote because we were in the hospital with my dying mom), I have experienced falling in line again in the polls and casting an inch of a mile.

I could see the faces of the people in the lines anxious and waiting for some hope in the vote they will cast.  Where to?

There were mistakes around like wrong lines, too much ads and posters, people with ID's on their necks, strange watchers, less guards to discipline the mobs, babies and children that shouldn't be in the centers, carelessness of assistants, and so much loitering of volunteers... et. al.  We are all full of decorations ---

Let us pray that honesty would prevail in this election (2013).

It is sad that some of us are bribed of false promises from popular candidates, and we complain a lot.  We don't know we are casting the wrong votes, and these are the votes won by undeserving candidates who cannot even think wisely for peace, order, and charity.

I hope we could all move forward and give chances to new senators who will pass laws that would benefit all especially the needy and what is necessary, for the wisdom that is to make good laws focusing on morality, love and discipline.

I wish for the Philippines a balanced set of  politicians, a mix set of different bloods, and those brave but kind enough to save the people from poverty, crime, hunger, ignorance, greed and immorality, among others.  We need public servants who would make the Filipino dreams become real.

Great Holy Spirit, we pray for our country.

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