Article contents vary. Various titles come in different angles and publication themes. Most of all, the best writing content involves everyday life: people, places, events.

Try these among others:

1. Write about holidays and/or celebrations

Celebrations around the world like new year, Christmas, moon festivals, Valentines day, grandparents day, and flower festival are interesting topics to write about.

This can be written as travel article. The writer's experience can evoke life and atmosphere of such place in during that particular event. It can tell a story about the visit and not just the conventional holiday.

Content can also give information and about practical hobbies of spending a holiday. Curiosities in History, ancient buildings or good music, beliefs and traditions can be given fresh presentations.

2. Seasonal stories

Seasonal stories about summer or December can be given focus here. All Saints and All Souls day, create popularity, too. Articles related to the things people use in these occasions can be used. For example, you can write about candles, how to make a wreath, where to buy the best flower, and/or where to go on vacation with family and friends.

3.Anniversary articles

Articles of this kind can be appealing for companies and products. Also, this can bring human appeal. Anniversary of families, feast day of Saints, Fourth of July can be enlivened with the writer's personality, among others.

4. Book reviews

Book reviews are a good source of article content. It is helpful for both students and professionals. Details are important that include the publisher and publication date, the writer and editor, opinion from experts and professionals, examples that build inspiration, and other related works of the author.

5. Film reviews

Popular culture demands for this. Films become part of how life is seen in the present time and how life can be in the future. Old movies like legends and history become basis for new films, as patterns and how innovations and discoveries can be applied. Take for example films about myths and culture, action films, and love stories as examples ("Clash of the Titans," "Apocalypse," "Robinhood," "James Bond," "Shakespeare/ other classic movies").

6. Short Stories

These are the stories that never fade. Short stories are those we learn in Literature subjects. They give insight and motivation showing how fiction can apply to lives of people and how fiction can bring people to dreams and wishes of their heart. Short stories heat up emotions to the readers as information read them news.

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