My Psalm Narrative Poem Prayers

My Psalm Proem Narrative
(Reading Psalm Prayers:  Non-stop)
Author:  Rosevoc2

Dear GOD,

Let me always remember the laws of the Lord
And meditate upon it day and night

Make me like a tree planted by the rivers
Make me bear fruit that will last, too

Please search my heart
Blot out my sins, and all our sins

Help us to be righteous
Until the time we meet. 

On Your sacred hill, dear Father
I will stay and sit

I will ponder on Your laws and learn
I will bow down to your chosen King

Guide us in our task
Let everyone fear Your rod

Let holy workers be happy
Your protection, our refuge. 
Dear Father,

I raise my heart to you today, and ask for your nearness.
I know you are near. Let my work be for you.
Let the work of everyone lift them up in you.
Let us all rejoice in your Majesty and your blessings.

Admonish our wrongs. Give us power to live the truth.
And coming from the Holy Spirit let us understand
the meaning for which and why we live. Help us
in the daily grind of life and let us know that love

answers for all our questions. We pray for Pope
Benedict xvi and all his intentions. We pray for our
family and friends. We pray for our communities.
We pray for the leaders of nations.

St. Hannibal, pray for us.
Send O Lord, holy workers into Your church.

Dear Jesus, guide us.

You always make me smile
So tears of joy flow

You always make me see
So worries fly and go

You always make me strong
So I can find the truth

Lead me to where you live
Myself to you I give. 
Dear GOD,

You are the King
You are - Father of all

You are my life
Come save me when I fall

Don't leave me now
When flesh is weak and frail

My tears, you keep
Accept me when I fail

You are my Light, my
Savior and my Rock

In clouds of gold
Your arms to me enfold.

What is wise?

Giving something you want for yourself
Keeping good friends and not wealth
Noting lessons learned in life
Enduring trials and strife
Reaching out to what others may need
Others and the poor to feed
Sharing, money and service
Investing - and all to love -
Thanking, God from above
Yourself, Heaven's best gift of love.

Sharing is always wise, in every way.
Thank you, Lord. We share. We pray.
Bless your people through wires, through Web,
The world, each blessed day,You pave. 
O Lord, we will praise you forever and forever!
'We will wait for your mercies,
For everyone knows what a merciful
God You are.'

Now let me be honest
And tell You how every night
I drowned in sorrow

How every word I wrote, silently spoke
The lament of each night's secrets
Way out in the boonies, so far away

How I hid under pillows and litanies
Believing, soon
Times would be back and still

Hours carved on my chest love and guilt
Rusted scent, I could smell on those lips
She, that caroused mouths

It robbed of me, and
Drained my fields like drought
Leaving me barren, faded in the night

I tried to hide here, in this blue house
In these walls, no soul could ever
Break and thrust, but feel shamed.

In the highway too long
In the late night chants
Scars of time dealt with me

So I waited for God's mercy
And I cried for you -
So I cried for you

That wounds be healed,
The Virgin's hands would hold.

Dear God, have mercy. 
I will write on a shell, my hymn of praise for you
I will etch on bones of time, your love

I will carve on standing water, thy creation of beauty
I will mold your gifts of grace - in all hearts

Maybe. Just, maybe I will do that
My frail promises are for you -

Thank you for loving me
Thank you for being a Father to us

Blessed be God forever
Blessed be God, who never refuse us his kindness and love. 
'Glory be to the Father
To the Son
And to the Holy Spirit,

As it was in the beginning
And will be forever. Amen.'

Universe, praise the LORD!
Technology, praise the Lord!
You and me, praise the Lord!
Everyone, praise the Lord! 
The Lord comes from place to place
The angels spread their breath of joy

Heaven exults the godly free
Till death with Jesus for eternity. 
'Save me, O my God!
Save us, O my God!
Rescue us, as you have promised.
O, Jehovah, hear the cry of the needy ones.'

In my mother's womb
And from my father's loins
You have weaved me.

In the paths I've crossed
And sharp snow frosts
You have set me free.

In the dark deep forest
And rusted gallows
There's bread and wine.

In my broken heart
And barren fields
Sweet golden nectar, for me.

In my tears of pleas
And soiled old hands
You have come, sharp as thunder.

In all the pain, and times of trouble
Are your rewards
Save us, dear GOD
Come, dear Father

Then bending with light
You said, 'I'm here, my child.'
Then next to me
You said, 'Sleep good night.'

Then tomorrow again
You said, 'Just holding you tight.'
And forever and always
You said, 'Be blessed with Might! '

So forever and always, dear Father
'Your Holy Spirit, my guide! '
Thank you, dear Father
And I will be happy now.
Mwahs for You. 
Good morning God,
Dear Saints and angels,
help us pray

Sweet zeal,
be us, good workers each new day. 
My heart leaps with joy
And so I am not afraid
You have shown me thy ways
I have seen your holy grace

Your hands carry me
Your wings make me fly
Your sweet breath in me
You always make me try

My flesh is your pride
Holy Spirit, my guide
That I would abide
In life's calm and tide

Dear nations, so pray
Peace and love for all, stay
Challenge in every day
Dear Jesus, lead the way. 
For all nations we pray
Peace and prosperity
For all stricken lands
Progress and recovery

For us, all, needy
God, food for the hungry
For us, all, broken
God, heaven let open

For all good wishes, we ask for
God, help us, your people. 

The Divine Praises

Blessed be God.
Blessed be His Holy Name.
Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man.
Blessed be the name of Jesus.
Blessed be His Most Sacred Heart.
Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the paraclete.
Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy.
Blessed be her holy and Immaculate Conception.
Blessed be her glorious Assumption.
Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.
Blessed be Saint Joseph, her most chaste spouse.
Blessed be God in His angels and in His Saints.

May the heart of Jesus, in the Most Blessed Sacrament, be praised, adored, and loved with grateful affection, at every moment, in all the tabernacles of the world, even to the end of time. Amen.

We rejoice, in you Lord
We feast in your Love

In simplicity, fun together
With you God, above.

There is time for everything.

For all nations we pray
Peace and prosperity
For all stricken lands
Progress and recovery

For us, all, needy
God, food for the hungry
For us, all, broken
God, heaven let open

For all good wishes, we ask for
God, help us, your people. 
Bend down and hear my troubles Lord, my cry
Be here, come bear wipe these eyes, I pray
Breathe, blow a kiss O Holy Lord, come nigh.

Rage, rage see enemies start war and lies
In failures Lord, show your rod, your ways
Bend down and hear my troubles Lord, my cry.

Lord bless good men on earth, they who try
Come hold to aid, in temples they will stay
Breathe, blow a kiss O Holy Lord, come nigh.

There’s no other God but you, true “Thay”
God of universe, light of night and day
Bend down and hear my troubles Lord, my cry.

So tell me Lord, where I go and pass by
In every corner be there, my heart says
Breathe, blow a kiss O Holy Lord, come nigh.

O loving God, help me, hear my sigh
My gentle one, O kindness in your face
Bend down and hear my troubles Lord, my cry
Breathe, blow a kiss O Holy Lord, come nigh. 
Dear God,
Where are you now?
Have you forgotten me?

I seek your face.
I long for your embrace. 
The Lord, I love all days of life,
My place of safety
My Father, my God
I trust him alone.

My place of safety,
He guards me at night
I trust him alone
His arms ‘round me tight.

He guards me at night,
So evil will flee
His arms ‘round me tight
I sleep like an angel.

So evil will flee,
Heaven’s light covers me
I sleep like an angel
So beloved by God.

Heaven’s light covers me,
But the wicked never shares
So beloved by God,
No enemy will crush.

But the wicked never shares,
So repent and be safe
No enemy will crush
Strong wind, He will brush.

So repent and be safe
And believe in the Lord
Strong wind, He will brush
A strong life, a fresh day!

And believe in the Lord,
He honors and saves
A strong life, a fresh day
God delights, shows the way.

He honors and saves,
He is my Father, my God
God delights, shows the way
The Lord, I love, all days of life. 
 “But you have made me strong
as a wild bull. How refreshed I am
by your blessings! ”

Thank you for all that’s done
Thank you for all that’s left undone

Thank you for the morning sun
Thank you for the night moon

Thank you for the shelter sky
Thank you for the earth life by

Thank you for the ocean clear
Thank you for the harvest near

What miracles, Lord
Your faithfulness brings to us!

What miracles, Lord
Your love, a joy that lasts! 
Holy, holy Lord, God of might
Be praise and honor to your name!

Holy, holy Lord, God of light
Be glory, Thy love never wanes.

Holy, holy Lord, God of might
Be praise and honor to your name!

Holy, holy Lord, God of light
Be glory, Thy love never wanes. 
How lovely are your ways!
Your majesty, we praise!

In every bird that flies,
A message from the sky.

Each petal that your grow,
The ripples that we row;

How lovely are your ways!
Your majesty, we praise!

And all throughout the days,
Your majesty, we praise!

How lovely are your ways!
How lovely are your ways! 
It must be you at dawn
When all the mist is on the flowers

It must be you at dusk
When day and night meet

It must be you in triumph
When feast is on the way

It must be you in trouble
When I seek shield to stay

It must be you I ask for
When nothing’s left- and I am bare

When oceans dry and mountains crack
And nothing left to spare

It must be you, who’s always there
When nothing seems so right

You gently tell, 'Don’t worry now
I'm here huggin' you tight.”

It must be you, my Lord,
My God! It is You! 
Dear God,

I am a little dust
And you made me,
Your own.

So beautiful, I am
In your sight,
Your own.

So bright, I am
In your ways,
Your own.

You have formed me,
An everlasting path,
You’ve shown.

My God, I love you
For keeping me,
Your own.

My God, I thank you
For loving me,
Your own.

O Lord, my God, how great you are!
Don’t turn away, don’t be afar.
You give us night, you give us day;
A sun so bright that mark the days.

Dark shadows fall, in shades of moon
Fat whales at play, low tides at noon.
White marble caves, a lion’s den
Sleek bamboo sways, to sky it bends.

How wonderful, the world you made!
How beautiful, your love so great! 
The Red Sea divides in your power,
How great you are!
I magnify, you, dear God!
How awesome your majesty,
in your anointed ones;
How great, you are!

So don’t turn away from us, dear God
Remind us that you are always near
And how dearly, your arms enfold us.

In your dearly care -
Like when the waves divide,
The waves stand and let us walk in.

You keep us safe on a holy ground,
No one can lay heathen actions.
How great, you are Lord!

Holy God, Holy Mighty One,
Have mercy on us and the whole world. 

Bless my enemies, Lord
Let them feel, that only in God
Is true happiness

Teach us your ways
Show us how to deal with each other
In charity.

“And as for me, deal with me as your own child,
As one who bears your name! ”
Deliver us, Lord, from every evil.
Let you Kingdom come now.

The Our Father

'Our Father in heaven
Holy be your name
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven

Give us today our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those, who trespass against us

Do not bring us into temptation
But deliver us from evil

Honest people are blessed!
Thank you for the grace of letting me love you
Forgive me for my lies and weaknesses

You know my heart

You know my thoughts

You know when I sit or stand

You know I fear you

And you know, I want to please you, most of all.

I believe you.

I love you.

“Happy is the man who delights in doing your commandments.”

Be nigh to me, O God, all days of my life. 
Rejoice the servants of God!
Blessed be God forever!

Rejoice, O children of God!
Blessed be God forever!

Rejoice, God heals the sick
Rejoice, God frees the meek

Rejoice, God gives to the needy
Rejoice, God feeds the hungry

Rejoice, God shelters the homeless
Rejoice, God takes care of the fatherless

We adore you, O God,
We bless you;
For in the holy cross –
You have redeemed the world! 
The Red Sea breaks apart,
and Jordan River opens.

The earth trembles in your presence,
dear Father.

Comfort us, draw near -
Speak tenderly to us, your children.

Give us your instructions.
We long to see your face. 
Your presence, O God, gives me confidence
“You are my helper. You are my shield.”

When I am fearful, I put my thoughts on You, alone.

God is alive!

God is our helper!

God is our shield!

We love you, our Lord and our God!

I love you, my Lord and my God! 
We long to see your face!

Death suddenly comes like a thief in the night

Thank you for giving us more days to live

Day and night, we are heartily sorry for our sins

Dear God, rest the soul of the dead

Dear God, blow your zeal to the living

In your grace, let us serve you all the days of our lives,

Until we see you face to face.

We love you, our Father. 
I praise you

I love you

I adore you

I seek you

I need you

I am nothing without you

You are my fortress

You are my life

You are my Father, my one and only God!

You are our Father, the King of all the universe!

Blessed be God forever! 

“In my distress, I prayed to the Lord and he answered me and renewed me.

He is for me.

How can I be afraid?

What can mere man do to me?

The Lord is on my side, he will help me.

Let those who hate me beware.”

Dear God,

My heart is not troubled because I trust in you.

I have known you, for you have always been with me.

I have asked you for many things,
and you have answered my call.

You have blessed me a hundredfold.

In my bidding, you said “ No.”

In some, you said, “Yes! ”

You gave me surprises.

I understand you, dear Father.

You know the best for me.

You love me so much, and I love you, too.
That is all that matters.

Keep us in your heart forever.
Keep me in your heart forever.

Let us rejoice and be glad!

For Christ the King! 
“And the word was made flesh.”
So I’d understand your rules
I’d find you and heed your call.
You give me your instructions
You show me the path to go
The miracles I need to know.
I cling to your commands, Lord
Revive my heart toward you
Assure me your promises -
Your love for me so true.

Your word is strength in troubles
Pure water in drought and thirst
Food for the sick and hungry
Comfort when cold and dreary.
Your word strong in battlefield
Crushing enemies and sins
Hope today and forever
God, don’t ever leave; never!
My heart delights in your lead
Good news, gospel: we all need.


Forever, Lord, your word stands
Justice and love, it teaches
In life’s trial and triumph
Your word gives light to our hearts.
More than land, silver and gold
Our salvation is your Word
From every generation
Your great love to us is told!
Your holy words make us strong
God, our Father, Christ the King!


I love you, O my dear God
Come, the word made flesh to us
Glory, glory to our God
Holy, holy, one true King!
You promised to let us live
Safe on earth and forever
For us to see your kingdom
Be near us all, we pray
In our hearts, your love will stay
Your Word forever is the way! 
I’m far from home
But I’m for peace

I miss my tribe
Home life and ease

But then in prayer
We are binded all

One Father God
He answers calls

And so I’m happy
So I pray

He gives me love
Beside me lay. 

“The Lord will never permit the Godly to slip or fall.”

Preserve us Lord, from evil and keep your eyes on us.

“Glory be to the Father,
To the Son
And to the Holy Spirit!
As it was in the beginning,
And will be
Comfort us and guide us -
Lord, we pray for your protection.
We pray for the children.
We ask for your blessings,
Be upon us all

In everyday we walk the paths of life,
Comfort us and guide us.
Let our hearts will be filled with joy.
Let your angels be around in the midst -
Of all your creation.

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!

God enthroned in heaven
God here on earth
God for us our Father
Everyday, a gift of birth

For every day is a happy birthday
Grace, gifts and blessings full
For all- prosperity, ability
Tranquility and charity.

Thank you, dear Lord.

So beautiful are the flowers

When buds arise at dawn.

So cute, the pearly mists,

Bubbling pink fragrance breeze.

How beautiful, I wait for dawn!

How powerful as day and night!

I praise the Lord in all the hours,

And then I say good night.

Dear God, I adore You.

“Joy to the world the Lord has come!”

“Let heaven and nature sing
Be peace on earth
Here comes the King!”

Be joy and love
One God for all!

What a dream our lives are!
How amazing what the Lord has done!

The Lord will bless his people.
Praise you, dear Lord!

All Good Things Come From God!

“Children are gifts from God
They are his reward.”

Dear Jesus, bless the children
Especially those, whose parents are irresponsible.

Watch the children closely
And let angels and good workers
Provide for their needs.

Let those, who abuse the children be punished!

Let those, who don’t teach them goodness burn!

You are our true Father
You care even for the sparrows
You always wait for us.

Those who obey the Lord will always be happy.

Their houses will be filled with joy.

Even if there are troubles,

God himself will be present.

God, bless our homes and communities.

Lord, if we had been treated badly
Let us not curse the ugly

But let us pray, they will find you
That they repent and love you

May those who hate the truth, sometime
Feel the whipping

Admonish us, dear Lord for we belong to you.

“Lord, I love you more than sentinels long for dawn.”

Heal our hands,

so we can work.

Make us happy, meek and 
truthful in all that we do.

Hold us God.

Hold me God. 


Lord, I am your child
I believe you are my Father

Cradle us in your arms

I find peace in your temples
In the walls of Jerusalem

I find happiness in your calling
In the temples of worship

I find zeal in the “Rogate”
Praying for  good workers

I find love in hard labor
Reap joy from good harvest

“Mary Mother of vocations,
Obtain for us holy priests.

St. John Mary Vianney, pray for us
St. Hannibal, pray for us
Send O Lord, holy apostles into your church!”

The love of God’s people weaves progress,
Sustains food and drink for all,
Nourishes time on earth,
Holds Jerusalem and rejoices in birth.

It anoints eternal blessing.
How wonderful, your love, Lord!

Let us guard your
Temples, Lord!
Holy and fragrant,
Light to the world!

Let us rejoice in God!

“Comfort, O comfort
My people, says your God!”

Lord, Almighty, vindicate your people.
Give compassion on your servants.
Raise up the oppressed,
Embrace us all.

Let us walk in truth;
Know what befits us
Great tasks to live by
A holy band, you tie

Make us strong and healthy to use our lives.
Strong and healthy to love each other!

I will follow anywhere you go.
You are the captain,
my tiny boat, you row.

From end to end,
North, East, West and South -
We’d go together,
let smiles be on our mouths.

Jesus, let me see thy face.
When alone,
nigh come to me, embrace.

Jesus, let me see thy ways.
When lost, 
nigh come to me, show’r grace.

Jesus, the sweetest of the faith,
Be nigh to us, thy love,
in hearts you lace.

“Lord, when I pray you answer me,
And encourage me,
By giving me, the strength I need.”

Please don’t go, don’t ever leave me.
I depend on you, alone, my faults, you forgive me.

In my imperfections, you lift me up.
In my desires, you complete me.
My cup, overflows,
You are here to save me.

There is nothing, I shall want -
But your love!

Search my heart, O see, O God, what is right.
You know when I sit or stand, work or play.
Great Holy Spirit, guide all day and night!

When I am sad, you know my thoughts and flight.
In my mouth, you know the words, I - shall say.
Search my heart, O see, O God, what is right.

You wait, precede, and follow me;  give light.
You never leave and never go away.
Great Holy Spirit, guide all day and night!

And though at times, my heart will fail a fight,
You come to me and raise me up to pray.
Search my heart, O see, O God, what is right.

So quick thy ways and miracles so bright!
So beautiful - for all, brilliant and so gay!
Great Holy Spirit, guide all day and night!

Would I worry? Sky and earth show your might.
Dear God, O God, I wait your will and ways.
Search my heart, O see, O God, what is right.
Great Holy Spirit, guide all day and night!

Thank you, dear God for the rosary,
Way of Jesus, life’s sanctuary.

Chant of power, chant of protection,
Chant of love, fruit of evolution.

Beads of joy, beads of mirth and grace,
Healer of earth’s wound, keeper of race.

Mysteries of Sorrow, of Joy, of Light
Myst’ry of Glory, in God is delight!

Mama Mary, pray for us!

Lord, help us not to sin
In charity, we must be keen

And take away, the evil things
Of this earth.

Lord, take away lies and deceit
But loyalty, we have to meet
And dignity, a crown to take
True love must reign, never to fake.

“Lord, keep me safe.
You are my only hope.”

How glorious are your ways!
I love you all the days.

How powerful, your love,
A gift from up above!

So wreck the bad around,
Let spread, your light abound!

In grace, I will be bold.
I’m safe, dear God, your arms will hold!

Show me, what should I do?
Show me, how to be true.

Show me, what should I talk?
Show me, how I should walk.

Show me, what must I right?
Show me, how I should bite.

Show me, just, please the way...
Lead me, how I should pray.

Happy are those, whose God is You!

I will sing you a song of my love!

Let me trace your face like a lover:

That I would be faithful in my vows

That I would be faithful to the promises

I’ve given.

That I, seek not for my own benefit,

But for all.

I will win wars for you!

And desire the light of your eyes.

In every triumph,

I will glory in your Name.

Let me write for you, let me write.

In all the words I know -

And dust, as I am,

Will be known your holy Words


I praise you, God the King, and I will pray:

For vocations and thy holy workers

For each tiny salt of earth; candle light,

One body, each one , a precious brother.

In honor of you, dear God, King of kings

Your chosen oblation, sings bright rewards.

Heaven’s “Rogate” to Jesus, bells ring!

Lift hands, call to men, praise His Holy Name!

Bless us Lord, bless with your power and might!

When all’s down, your temples stand strong and still.

God’s mercy, come to all like feast; and right

Prayr’s rain, fall from sky to men, zealous; real!

Praise you God, send all now, love in hearts beat!

Praise you God, send now, bright kiss so, so sweet!

He is a God who holds a promised land,
One true God, who raises up the weak.
Justice, he gives and heals a wounded hand,
Frees the oppressed, words of truth he lets speak.

He is a God, who opens a blind eye,
Lifts a burden, carries fat heavy loads.
Feeds the hungry, cures the sick, catches sighs
Forever, we’d be in God’s holy road.

God is king in every generation.
He is a Father to protect us, all.
Let all come to him in adoration,
Clouds’ a bed, and moon’s a net, when we fall.

We plead in weakness, Lord, don’t forget,
Take care of us, in your home don’t regret!

Lord, thank you for helping us.

Thank you for letting us do work.

Thank you for pouring us, Your Holy Spirit.

And though we’re not worthy –

Your love never fades.


You alone, is our Great God!

World, praise the Lord!

The Our Father:

Our Father, who are in heaven
holy be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us today, our daily bread,
And forgive us, our sins;
As we forgive those, who sin against us,
do not bring us to the test,
But deliver us from evil.

Blessed be God forever!

Dear God,

So now, it is done,
And I’m so blessed.

Your words my light,
I did progress.

Your wine of grapes
Cup full, I drink.

It raised me up
Carved niche of ink.

A pine of sun rays,
I dine in bliss -

In every moment
Your heart, I kiss.

My soul entwines,
Your love I hold.

Thank you, Dear God
“You’re mine,” You called.

My song is a melody to your heart
Flowers in spring to your earth
A necklace of stars for your neck
-     Sandals to walk the sea!

In any way, you hear me pray
You listen to my unsung notes
Hear me strum, imperfect strings
-     Stay beside!

Every beat of my heart is music to your ear
And that is why I love you
Because dear God, you listen to me.


The narrative is from my 150 prayer prompts on Psalms (Holy Bible).  Other Psalm prayer poems are also published on and,
Also, A Nugget Ebook,May14,2012.  Copyright Rosalinda Flores - Martinez.Rosevoc2 on meetonline@wordpress.


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