How To Work Hard To Achieve Your Dreams

There is no real formula on how to work hard to achieve your dreams, but delight in work as a vocation. Achieving something is having success, but having success is not what completely makes you happy. What makes you happy is not only having money, power or reputation, but living a life shared with others. All that charity and zeal you bequest!

Since the beginning of time, books and lectures reveal success stories. We follow. And then, we go figure our own possibilities. From the noble Socrates, to Saint John the Baptist, and then, Jesus Christ on the Cross - they worked hard and achieved their dreams.

"Of course, you don't ask for money; you ask for work." I am happy, my father taught me this. I was a teenager when my Dad died. Bullets stained his Montagut maroon shirt with blood. I want those bullets out of me, yet they seem nourishment for my heart. Bullets killed my Dad but did not kill me. It made me stronger than guns (in thought). My father taught me not to cry, only to wash my eyes sometimes. What he meant was small quiet tears. He also meant faith in God through sorrow.

My mother once told me, "Don't wait for people to tell you to do something. Do it if you think it is right and can help. Have the initiative!" And that is right! She was a young widow and was able to send us all to university and engrave a niche. What she meant were progress in education and constantly trying possibilities.

How to work hard to achieve your dreams? Here are tips.

Know your God. From this point, you will know where you are headed, which way to turn, how you'd make small and big steps, what to leave out and what to push through.

"Gnothi seauton, said Socrates: Know thyself. What do you mean by honor, virtue, morality and patriotism?"

Love your work. Loving your work is just like playing. It gives you pleasure that which you serve others. It gives you wisdom that which you are responsible. It gives you courage that which you are proficient.

Make things happen. Know that everyday are big and small miracles. Believe in your dreams and God's providence every single day.

Know that time is your basic resource. Use time wisely. If you are on the average, you cannot lead. If you want to achieve your dreams, you must work more than eight hours a day. Remember to be safe and healthy, despite hard labor.

Be thankful of all you meet; people and events. This sounds impossible and saintly, but truly, life is a cycle. Those people you meet down are sometimes the people you meet up. So forgive, learn and thank God for every new beautiful day.

May your dreams come true!

/rosalinda flores martinez


  1. Hi Rose, I never knew about the way your father died. Why was he killed? Your mother is very brave, and now I understand why you have so much faith. You're a survivor, a winner and an inspiration, Rose! Thanks for sharing:)


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