How To Write A Summary Paragraph About An Article

A summary has to include the most significant details. It has to be organized and no alteration of facts. Remember your book reports in elementary and high school when the teacher asked you to make a comprehensive book report and write a good summary. That has never changed. It is also the same with a summary paragraph for an article and/or any literary text, including the fairy tale stories, among others and the textbook essays, or the Gettysburg Address.
Really read the article, write it, of which the content must be in your own words. See if you can work from outlines or subtopics. You can compare your work to the original texts, and then check. Express the article and limit your words.
An example is the condensation of a fiction story. It is a standard to make the summary not more than 500 words long. Don't misrepresent the facts. Don't change the point of view.
The article can also be summarized into a short paragraph. Remember your lead paragraph. If it is a news story, it should answer the question words: what, when, where, how, why, who, and which.
To summarize articles, get the main topic and include the most important details. Write them in your own words and in your own voice. It is like making short captions to remember something. It is like reading a text, and on the side of the book, putting words and labels to give you a summary and/ or a picture of the sentence. It is like noting an important literary text.
Let us try. Summarize the following.
1. Read a current newspaper. Write a summary. (The lead paragraph is important)
2. Get a magazine article. Summarize. (Get the main idea or the topic sentence. Or make an outline and fill in with the significant details.)
3. Google an ezine website. Find an article. Summarize. (Remember the summary must not be more than 500 words. If the article is short, the summary must be shorter, but the thought must be concrete.
Also, practice how to write an epitome. An epitome gets the main idea of a manuscript in one or two sentences only, or as prescribed. This will help you in your reading and analysis.
Check this example:
Write an epitome of "The Our Father," (a universal prayer).
Sample answer:
Our God in heaven holy be your name.
Give us food, pardon, and grace; in thy love and will, we all depend dear Father.
Practice now! Happy writing!

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