On Work /Vocation: Prayer To Saint Hannibal

Prayer to Saint Hannibal

O Saint Hannibal, full of heavenly love

during your life here on earth

you lived faithfully according to the

interests of the Heart of Jesus.

You followed His Divine command

to pray for holy vocations to His church

and dedicated your life

for the poor and the little ones.

Intercede for us that we may be blessed

with an abundance of priestly, religious,

and lay vocations in the church;

Inflame our hearts with your love

that we may become holy

and edifying modern day

disciples of Christ.

I pray to you to obtain for me

from God the necessary grace

which I ardently desire

(mention your petition/s.

Bless me, O Saint Hannibal

and my family

that we may all live together

in unity, peace, and love.

Grant this through your intercession,

the graces of which your devotees

are in great need.

May all be for Gods glory

and the greater good of our souls,


St. Hannibal pray for us.

Send O Lord, Holy Apostles into Your church.

/rogationist fathers

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