On March 3: What Color Is A Martyr's Blood?

God has fine choices.

Mere human words are not enough to describe the beauty of his creations, and that is why humans glory in hard labor (Eliot about writing), like art to express how beautiful God's creations are.

Colors of the rainbow, the types of rain, the shifting phases of the moon and man (the beloved of God) glow in different shades of God's fine art. Man's races and tribes show different colors of skin: black, brown, white, or mullato, among others.

God, in his awe, find ways to manifest his concern and love for us, mortals. Therefore, in this grace of understanding comes special and ordinary ways, or in the holiest of man's holy hours of communion in prayer, his heart, his soul, every beat of plasma and platelet, are revealed man's real shade and color.

What color is a martyr's blood?

How does man, seriously flawed in some ways, achieve secular sainthood?

In one essay of Alden Whitman (journalist /chief obituary writer) about Schweitzer, the author says that Schweitzer exemplifies the idea that man, through good works, can be in the world and in God at one in the same time. He points out Albert's "Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben," or Reverence for Life.

Moreover, saints in their good examples present charity, an unquestionable ground of responsibility and commitment to everyone, especially to those in need and the poorest of the poor.

Mother Teresa of Calcultta says, " I don't want your money from abundance. I don't want to relieve your conscience, but I want you to give until it hurts; to give because you want to share the poverty and the suffering of our poor." Take note of the parable about the poor widow (The Holy Bible), and Anatole France' "Our Lady's Juggler.'

Saint Therese also manifests about sharing in small and big ways. These are life's miracles.

In the movie "Descendants" (stars George Clooney, directed by Alexander Payne, 41 Oscar wins), life until death becomes structured in the story of a father struggling to bond/unite together his family based on a more liberal way of life, but with respect to each person's preference in the way life must be lived and ended: bravely and nicely.

The color of God's creations, as shown in nature like the blue ocean, the glowing wind, the bright sun, the silver moon, the golden earth; all comes visible to the naked eyes of men around the world to soothe his senses and his heart of God's providence.

Soon, another Filipino martyr (after St. Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino Saint) will be proclaimed a saint. Blessed Pedro Calunsod was beatified by Pope John Paul II on March 5, 2000. Blessed Calunsod is a young migrant, catechist, student, faithful friend, and assistant to the Father Diego Luis San Vitores (A Spanish Jesuit priest). Father Diego and Pedro both died holding on to their Catholic faith. Hence, the color of bravery, in conviction and faithfulness to God's teachings.

What color is a martyr's blood?

What is your color?

/rosalinda flores martinez
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