In the Past 2011: And The Show Must Go On


There were those times I've wondered why clowns cry when they're supposed to laugh. Those were the younger days.

In theaters, usually, there's a showcase of varied emotions painted on the artist's masks. The most popular of which are the two faces: a crying face and a laughing face. Usually, the colors of black and white are painted on the faces dividing it from top of the head down to the chin. I remember day and night, close to sun and moon. I remember life and death, when there's laughing and crying.

Perhaps, there were those times I got scared of these clowns, and that bite of sadness upon looking at their faces.

The clowns add happiness to parties and gatherings. Usually, kids like them, such as the burger clown, Jack in the Box, and carnival clowns in Disney.

But then, clowns can also be frightening as shown in thriller movies and artistic dramas. And don't forget funny and naughty Joker in Batman.

And who would not know the Hat man, portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie "Alice in Wonderland," taken from the novel of Lewis Carroll.

Moreover, "Mardi Gras" displays a vast picture of masked faces, as in Halloween parties. Traditional dancing and feast/ritual dancing are made up of people with adornment and tattoos. Hence, reinventing!

This 2011 another answer came up for my clown question; when groups of youth and kids performed during the "Feast of the Holy Infant Jesus" at St. Hannibal Seminary. The numbers were well-practiced as by the audience' applause. Most of the performers were kids, who wonderfully danced with their artistic costumes made of old newspapers and plastic bags. The kids made-up of painted colors on their faces and bodies, danced like "Tinker Bell," in Peter Pan, among others.

Another number from the youth came dramatic. One participant tried his best (perhaps to win and bring a trophy for the group) to make a presentation as in a carnival, but then some things just don't turn up right, sometimes, and still the actor came dancing, as if nothing happened. This group won the first.

So why do clowns cry when they're supposed to laugh? They do. They have beating hearts, too. Life must go on. Behind the curtains are real life situations that couldn't be announced on top of synagogues for accolades and medals.

So the show must go on. Saint Hannibal's activities for children (orphans and the poor) serve to support the children and the youth that would make them busy, prudent, and praying apostles of Christ.

rosalinda flores martinez
reposted january 2, 2012


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