In 2011: A Small Prayer From The Heart


It is the Sacred Heart day. Let me share some thoughts about the love of God.

We have to understand how the power of GOD works.

It works when the heart is all pure, or after a confession, transformation, and the daily struggles with the changes and some imperfections of life.

We cannot hide from the reality that life is borrowed and only an Almighty owns it. We must always remember that the Almighty accepts man to become His children. Such is a gift from Jesus Christ.

We have to understand how the power of GOD works. Each must find the purpose of which he/she is born. In any field or status or color of skin, we are supposed to be a connection of good workers to serve and make our communities thrive in an ultimate purpose to make the world a better place for everyone.

He, who has an abundance should share more, and he, who has less should adjust and share in any way. The big sun and the speck of dust are both God's creation. Each has its own benefit to get as its own contribution to give.

The power of the Holy Spirit will be our guide in discernment. It will teach those the books or age cannot teach at once, but it will spark a lucid hot flame of miracle that will spread light for all to see and understand.

If your thoughts are of heaven, of service and of love for all, God will show the path. No matter what storm comes, you will stand steadfast as a rock and be happy. Your goals will succeed.

Those who will follow what you shared will be blessed, as well.

Forever, the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus stays.

Now, the love of God is here and will be until the end of time.

St. Hannibal, pray for us.

Send O Lord, holy workers into Your church.

Blessed John Paul, pray for us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust in You.

A Small Prayer for All

Dear God,

We pray for our families, friends and communities.
We pray for our nation and government.
We pray for the world.
We pray for the poor and the sick.
We pray for the priests.
We pray for the oppressed.
We pray for all the holy workers.
We pray for the children.
We pray for the dead.

We pray for all and all those we carry in our hearts.

Thank you. Blow in us the Holy Spirit and grant us God's love, peace and joy.

Rose Flores Martinez, 2012


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