The Devoted Writer

Everyone can write, but how do hard working writers do their tasks?

The Writer

The writer must be keen enough to create something vivid in the age and time they live. Their expertise differ from an ordinary or common written material when the work stands the test of time. How writers value hard labor and continue despite odds and criticism are also standards of their professionalism.

The real writers know in their heart, they cannot survive if they don't create and build these letter blocks again and again. They cannot stop reading words and books like sharpening the blades of the brain like a youth. They cannot be calm, until they draw the soul out into the paper like a wizard.

They will find there's a big hole of a crater in the heart, if they can't write. The madness in them will creep like hemlock in the time the inspiration prods like bolts of current in the veins. They have to write to let others and the readers know the grandiose of God's creations.

They must write.

Writing Exercises

1. Learn about adjectives. Get new words everyday. Try to be updated with popular words around.

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2. Do writing prompts or gloss a word.

Writing prompts can be done in response by expressing more thoughts and reactions about a topic, an idea, or a set of texts. Be sure to give credit to the author of the manuscript. Indicate sources.

Expert writers do these well. They are familiar with various writing forms and have read volumes of books.

Do a writing prompt on any poem or from any Bible verse.

Glossing a word is finding more meanings of a word aside from how it was used in the text. This is from the reader's point of reference.

Gloss a familiar expression. Get popular words from the internet. Also, try the Urban Word Dictionary or the Merriam Webster online for updates. Learn which words could be useful or junked in your sentences or paragraphs.

3. More Writing Tips

For the right appeal, subjects must be timely. Is there something new about it?

How about the textual components? Is there enough substance?

Be careful with the data or statistics. Research is a must to make the manuscript more challenging and interesting for the readers.

Who are your readers? Articles or stories in newspapers are for everyone. In magazines, materials can vary from men's fashion, parenting, women's issues, culture updates, subject references, and housekeeping, among others.

So what are you waiting for? Write now!


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