An Ode To Silence

Your silence is harp to me
When I travel into you, I feel so in love
Lifted on clouds, the hum of peace
Rotating the sun and moon
Like an angel

You are the music in my heart
You are my temples
Thrust your silence, say nothing
When you said nothing, your eyes
A strong ripple, bathed in me, bliss

I am at the level of your madness
So beautiful and free, bursting a kid’s laughter

I sleep in your eyes
I dwell in your heart
I am your miracle
Our love is a miracle

I come naked in your sigh, a secret garden
A pillow for your head
My breasts supple for your mouth
I have taken off, everything
Carry my bruised heart
And before we’d die our love
Would kiss enough

Your kisses, cherished by time
Diamonds and flowers, a rain
In the shadows of my grief
Hold me tight, be forever mine

Your kisses, the plight of my heart
They teach me all the languages
I can’t speak
The questions
I can’t answer
Those things, I do not know
They teach me everything
How to write
How to weave
How to wind words
And prayers.

I trace your face, your lips, your nose
Your hair, your body, all of you
And when you smile and cry
Day and night, you are
In my memory

I awake with you in my thoughts
I sleep with you in my thoughts
Your eyes look at me
Like a warrior’s eyes, fierce from a battle
Your fists bold, with blood, the baptism of loyalty
To be back in my arms, be mine forever

Those times I cried
Your face, my light
Your love completes me
It is all I have

They saw me bathing in your eyes
We can’t conceal our love
We can’t conceal the love in your eyes
They would show to the world

Your silence fills me, deep as the ocean
Your smell on me, like birth
Your touch, I adore

Hold me tight, in age and sweetly
And until death, keep me
Let Heaven bind our promises

My heart is yours as my diaries
The words I speak and those buried on God’s hands
Are gifts, I have carved on my heart
My sorrows, only heaven can heal
Come kneel with me

Take me, take me now, drink the tears
I hide beneath rainbows
Take me, take all of me, touch me
Never let go

As I am cleansed, in heaven’s mercy
Untainted now, and separated
I am yours forever
Veiled in a mystery of grace
As I lay down my life

Because I want you
Because I love your silence
Eternity drizzling on us
While we kiss
Snow falling on us
When our bodies become one
In a lightning’s hilt
We create

And that is why, I love you
And that is why, I love you
And that is why, I love you so much.


Thank you, Nizar Qabanni

This poem was inspired by the verses of Nizar Qabanni (As shown on You Tube, Love Poems by Nizar Qabanni. (on Hanna Hammer's Channel, N. K.) . Thank you.

Create DateWednesday, March 23, 2011
Update DateWednesday, March 23, 2011

rosalinda flores martinez 


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