Are Morals Important?

A basic universal question ponders, "What are morals?"

In the intermediate academy it asks, "What sense does it make?"

The 21st century gives an answer to the question, "Are morals important?"

How far can we go from here?

Today, everyone races with technology and counts in seconds. One press on your keyboard and you have got an answer. One press in the source code and there's an explosion. One press in a machine dials hello and goodbye or on and off. Everyone is in a culture of speed, though time moves as it was before now. Time is constant and only God can adjust the earth's hands.

The earth has new cities like global cities or the World Wide Web, among others. Truly, progress has come a long way from the days of our wars, from the quest of knowledge when man started to build fire. Man has learned a language, and when Christ has risen, man has enjoyed heavenly provisions.

Hence, we are endowed with many blessings to build a better world, enjoy it and live accordingly, as the laws of Heaven declare. Water, wind, earth and fire will continuously aid humanity but they will never tolerate abuse.

Atoms collide. Accidents happen when two objects occupy the same place at the same time. When there's little space for all, others will get new territories. So while the earth peaks in its endeavor to flourish, man, the children of God (with all the power over all the creatures) must aspire to live a divine life. A divine life is a holy life. A holy life is a life to share what one is meant for.

Morality comes side by side with love for God and love for neighbor. The old laws, like the golden rule speak "Don't do unto others what you don't like others to do to you."

In the Bible it says, "Give to God what is due to God."

None has the authority to defy what is in conflict with morality. But what is moral? Moses was handed the Ten Commandments. Saint Thomas More said that moral duties must abide with laws having a right path to follow. Laws like a guide to an honest life, require moderation. An extreme want, though how reasonable will create more weight on either side of a universe. Life is a cycle. It is a balance and symbiosis like moon and tide, plants and animals, life and death.

As a sign of fidelity to God's teaching or responsibility to right conduct and duty, morals are important. A better world must be prepared to do some careful thinking that can build a stable core and utilize everyone's needs to preserve the human race.

rose flores martinez, 2011


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